It’s My Blogiversery!!!

Hey everyone! Guess what. *Drumroll please* Today Rosy’s Writings is officially 3 years old!!! It feels like forever ago, though... 😛  I need to thank everyone who has been with me throughout this journey! Thank you for liking, and commenting, and following me. And for graciously welcoming me to the blogosphere. 😀 I wouldn’t be … Continue reading It’s My Blogiversery!!!


Liebster Award… Again!!!

I don’t know about you, but I like doing tags enough to love doing this one twice! Besides,  it’s new questions to answer! 🙂 So, thanks Amie, for tagging me! Here are the rules 1. Thank the blog that nominated you for the award 2. Answer the questions they gave you 3. Give 11 fun … Continue reading Liebster Award… Again!!!

Two Giveaways for You to Check Out! ;)

Hello People. 🙂 Here are two giveaways that I am entering, and re-blogging them to earn more entries...! xD 😛 Check them out! 🙂   ~Rosy P.S. Guys. Guess what. THIS IS MY 100TH POST!!!!!!!! Yay!!! 😀 Big thanks to all of you who have followed my blog, commented, liked been with me … Continue reading Two Giveaways for You to Check Out! 😉