So, my family and I are going on a two week trip too the states in a couple days. We will be traveling through several states, and my dad will speaking at a couple different churches. So, sadly, I won’t be posting anything for a couple weeks, maybe a little bit more. Just wanted … Continue reading Hiatus


Q&A Answers #3

Can you believe it’s already September??? :O This year has flown by sooo fast! I’m finally here with answers for the very last questions to the Q&A! Here we go! 😀   Amie’s Questions Where is your favorite place to photograph? Definitely outside! And... near to the ground. There are all sorts of things that … Continue reading Q&A Answers #3

Q&A Answers #1!

Thanks everybody who submitted questions! There are A LOT!!! 😀 So, I will probably split this up into more than one post, just so your brain doesn’t get begoggled from all the information. I know what you’re thinking. "What in the world is begoggled????" Well, apparently spell-check is thinking the same thing. :/ And Webster’s dictionary … Continue reading Q&A Answers #1!