Our Visit to Our Grandparents House


About a week ago we packed up and climbed into the van at five in the morning to go visit our Grandparents, Uncles, and Aunts, who also live in Mexico! After about day of driving, we finally Arrived! Happily we all climbed out of the van to go meet them! Here are some of the thing that happened during our stay there.


They live up in the mountains and the view was very pretty!

My uncle (who is 13) is really good with Horses! We went horse back riding! Horse are my favorite Animal! 

Wee Hah!

My Uncle riding his Horse!

      My Uncle riding his Horse!


For supper we had Sushi and crab salad! I helped make the Sushi! It was pretty fun to make!




    Crab salad

On our way back home, I took a pretty picture of the sunset!


 The Sunset


We had a very fun time!










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