My Art


I like to draw and color, even though I am not that great at it. I mostly draw faces of people. Usually they belong to girls, because I can’t draw boy faces very well at all.

Here are some pictures of what I have drawn and colored.







I also randomly decided to write my name 130 times(I counted!)on a piece of paper!





About Mexmarr

Helpmeet to my wonderful husband, Nathan. Mother to 9 children, so far! Rosy - 15, Gracie - 14, Lizzie - 11, Andy -10, Bekah - 8, Ruthie - 6, Philip - 5, Susanna-3 and James-2

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  1. You have an eye for colors…I certainly don’t! 🙂 (You also draw faces better than me.) Much love and so glad you had fun visiting your grandparents!

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