The Evolution of a Picture…


Hahaha! My Dad thought of that name…😜

Today, I was playing around with the photo editor… I found out that you can make a picture look like… well… lots of things!!!

I started out with this picture that I took of the sunset, like forever ago. Here is the original.

image (20)

Here are some funny versions of the same photo.

Screenshot 2016-05-19 16.01.05

This one is pretty cool, huh!

Screenshot 2016-05-19 16.07.38

This one had a setting called “Tie-dye”.

If you don’t know what Tie- dye is, its where you tie cloth into knots, dip it in dye and when it dries, you untie it.  Its actually pretty cool! 

Screenshot 2016-05-19 15.58.20

Screenshot 2016-05-19 16.08.13

Screenshot 2016-05-19 16.08.33

Screenshot 2016-05-19 16.05.24

Screenshot 2016-05-19 16.06.11

Hahaha! Well, thats all for today! I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

Until next time!

Screenshot 2016-05-19 16.33.35


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