Committee Story




Committee Story
Here’s how it works- I post a story starter and y’all pick up where I left off by commenting with the next part of the story. Please write only a paragraph or two at a time and wait to add on again until someone else has. Try to keep the story moving along nicely, leave plenty of mystery and suspense for the next person to write about, and I will finish the story once it has come to some sort of ending. (Please make sure your writing is God honoring and appropriate for young ages. Please avoid all magic, romance, gross violence, children being rebellious or  anything else that contradicts God’s Word.) You can read each new addition here in the comments, and then I will post the entire story, once it is complete,  for everyone to read! Be creative and enjoy!!

A knock sounded on Travis’s front door. He opened it, only to be greeted by a sour face. He quickly slammed the door shut, leaning his back against it. Him again!, he thought. Why can’t he just leave me alone.

Travis stood there, looking and feeling quite pitiful. Another knock sounded a second time, several minutes later. This time he winced, turned around, locked the door, and stepped away. However, the knocks continued for the until Travis gave up, and finally,  pulled back the curtains. It was his brother, Mike. Oops! So, I’ve been ignoring my brother now! Well, I guess I had better answer it! He looks worried.

He opened the door and barely had time to say “Hi!”, before Mike started talking. “Travis, come quickly!” he gasped, “Something bad has happened!”

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