Visiters from Kansas


In the month of November, we had a wonderful time with a few people from Kansas. Mr. Hobbs came with Peter and Elaine Cook. It was great to get to visit with them.

The picture below was on Sunday, and we went one a two hour walk. When we finally arrived at our destination, (the dump…) Mr. Hobbs took our picture for us. The houses in he background are part of our neighborhood.

2017-11-05 12.54.16-2

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↑Mr. Hobbs was great with the kids, and they loved him!↑

Elaine and I had a fun time together, visiting and photo-shooting each other.

2017-11-05 13.25.40

Gathering up the left over beans from a field. Don’t ask why. (:

2017-11-04 13.26.49Mr. Hobbs preached up in the mountains, and Dad translated for him.

We had a great time with them! (We are begging them to come back…)

Until next time,

Rosy J. Marr


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