“No Sword-fighting in the House!”


It was a warm, quiet evening…. Okay, it was actually a freezing, exhausting evening.  I was in my bed, under the covers, reading a book (pure bliss, btw…), called Guns of Thunder. Suddenly, shots rang out (in the book.). Oddly, they seemed a bit too loud to be real. And they didn’t sound genuine. I heard a few yelps, then some streaks and laughter. I slowly stumbled out of bed, my book sliding off my lap and losing my place. When I walked into the living room, there was Dad, engaging Andy to a broom-fight dual. It could have knocked my hat off. That is, if I was wearing a hat, which I wasn’t. It was actually pretty funny!





Oh dear, we have a stowaway!

Fortunately for them, Mom was in the other room.

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