Old Maids and Little Kids


Wow. Yesterday I played a kiddie version of Old Maid with Bekah, Ruthie, Philip and Susy. James didn’t play, but he was full maintenance through out the whole game. It was really fun, but a bit exhausting by the end…  Of course, it did not help that they didn’t know how to yet, and I had to teach them. But it was great!


“Who knows how many bears there are?”



Ruthie ended up with the Old Maid. She tried to frown for the pictures, but it didn’t last for very long.


James kept getting stuck in weird positions in his high chair. Over and over again. Like I said, high maintenance, Lol!


A little later, Lizzie snuck a picture of me singing. “Do I really look like that?!?!” I was a little embarrassed when I first saw it, but I obviously got over it, or you wouldn’t be looking at it right now.

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