Trip to Couihila Part 2- Family Camp


After a few days of just us and our relatives, family camp started! We had a really good time. I had fun seeing friends that I hadn’t seen in a long time, and meeting new friends. And playing a lot games. I got soooo sun burnt! Like, more sun burnt than I’ve ever been in my whole life!!!!! It hurt! There’s a picture later on in this post. But, it was still a lot of fun, and definitely worth it.


During a session


~Photo by Timothy Richardson~

Dad preaching and singing



~Photo by Timothy Richardson~

Grandpa Preaching


Mom and a friend


Mom and Dad visiting

Grandma teaching a group of woman


Mom talking with some of the other women about Lilla Rose products.


James enjoyed meeting another baby!

Uncle Joshua took good care of the little kids!

A then, there was a lot of games! Soccer, frisbee, volleyball, tetherball, football, and ultimate ball. It was a lot of fun!

The hammocks


The registration table. (The red-headed girl is my aunt Anna.)





More Volleyball. 🙂


“Whoah, how did that get there?!”


I was sunburnt… My nose felt like a toad, and the skin and my forehead was falling off… Not fun.


My adorable brother Philip, and I.


~Photo by Timothy Richardson~

During one of the sessions

It was super great to see all my old friends again! We took a lot of pictures!

IMG_0983 copy 2


Rosy, Valeria and me.


Me and Cinnette


The two Rosys!


Me and Lily


Me and Layla


The first picture is an example of what Lizzie does when you tell her to smile… It didn’t last very long!

Group pic

Here is a group picture some of us took closer to the end of camp.

So, all in all, we all had a super great time at family camp. Now we’re just hoping we might be able to make it again next year!!!

The last part, part three, will be mainly about the scenery there. It’s totally worth a whole post! It was amazing, but the pictures just won’t do it justice!

P.S. The “Timothy Richardson” who took a few of the pictures is my uncle, by the way. 


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