Silly Silhuettes

Silly Silhuettes

Okay, so, not all of these are silly, several of them I really love. Especially the ones of (most) all of my siblings together! ❤ What I did, was simply grabbed a couple siblings, stuck ‘em on the wall with the sunset behind it, and took pictures. 😛 (A lot more than what you’ll see here, but they weren’t all good. Of course. What photographer get’s all good pictures, anyway? 😀). So, here they are! (:


These are of my sister Lizzie (10).


Then I had her jump in the air. These didn’t turn out super great, partly because the exposure is to low.



And then I got Gracie (13), up there too, and she and Lizzie had a few fake arguments… (:


And then Bekah (8) joined in the fun.



And, one by one, we were joined with more and more of my siblings! (These pictures do not include 2 of my my other siblings, and, of course, me.)


This was my try at having everybody jump… Lol.


That’s about it! Doing that was a lot of fun. Here is my favorite one.

Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at 3.27.14 PM

Which one is your favorite? I would love to hear from you in the comments!!! (:


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    • Thank you, Anna! I took them with my camera… lol.😛 Well, my camera has a sunset setting that’s specifically for taking pics of sunsets. So, I just stood the kids in front of the sunset, made sure that the exposure was low, but not too low, and took a picture. Hopefully that answers your question. The only picture that was edited was the last one. I just brightened it a little, because the exposure was a bit too low.

      Thanks for commenting!😀

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