Lizzie and Velvet

Lizzie and Velvet

My sister Lizzie (11), is a total dog person! When she is outside (which is most of the time!), she is usually with with our doberman dog, Velvet, and Velvet’s puppy, Emma. I did a little photoshoot of Lizzie with Velvet this evening. Here are the two best images I got.

Lizzie and VelvetThis one is my favorite.


Liz and Velvet

While I was outside, I also took some other pictures of random things around. (Of course!)

P1320272That big “thing” in the middle of the picture is the neighbors big stack of hay.

Barbed Wire

me on roadMy for blogI took those two pictures of myself with the self-timer on my camera. 



Which picture is your favorite? I would love for you to tell me in the comments!


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  1. I love all of them!! 🙂 But you want a favourite … okay, the barbed-wire one!! But they are all great! Lizzie and Velvet’s pictures are adorable! ❤

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