A Sad Good-bye to our Dear Old Van


Let’s change that title to a sort of sad good-bye to our sort of dear old van. Oh, and when I say old, I mean OLD… Like, really old… We owned our big white van about 8 years. When we got it, it was about 15 years. Which equels… *quickly does the math* 23 years old. Old.

We were (sometimes) known as “the people with the big white van.” When someone was coming over to our house, and didn’t know how to find us, we’d say, “Just look for the big white van!”

Our van even had a name! It was called, “The Big White Van”. How obvious…

Part of the reason we sold this van, was because it was too heavy. For some reason, American vehicles that are too heavy are not allowed to pass through the border. Since it was American, it was allowed into the U.S. one last time, but not back into Mexico, which was a problem.

I tried to find a picture of our beloved instrument of torture (Don’t worry, I’ll explain!), but I couldn’t find a good one, so this will have to do.


It had an exceptionally high roof.

   The reason I called it an instrument of torture, was because it almost was. Not quite, but almost. It was SO bumpy, and had holes all through it, allowing the dust to get in. Which is not helpful when you are driving on dirt roads most of the time. I feel like sneezing just thinking about it.

After we sold it, all we had left was this 8 passenger car. So all 11 of us would squish ourselves into it whenever we wanted to go anywhere, 5 or 6 people in 3 seats. Uncomfortable when your going on long, bumpy trips. And sometime we would pick up passengers, to take places, and we’d be even more squashed. It was fun.  😦

We were all VERY happy when Dad finally bought a new van. It’s white like our old van, and almost as big. Oh, and guess what! This new van doesn’t have holes in the floor!!! :0


As of this moment, it’s still so new (to us!), that most of us kids still have not ridden in it yet. Everyone is begging to go somewhere…anywhere… I, however, am looking forward to driving it!!! 😀


Well, anyway, that’s the latest Marr family news! We are currently looking forward to all fitting nicely in the same vehicle, and not breathing dust into our lungs, at the same time.

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  1. I remember when we sold our dear old red van. It was a sad day… We’d had it for so long!! But our ‘new’ van was so much nicer that we got used to it quickly. 😉 Glad your new van doesn’t have holes!! Each trip must have been quite the adventure. 😂😉

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  2. Yay for no more holes!! 😉 The new van (it’s called a “mini bus” here in England) looks great!
    That’s hilarious – people know us by our “big white van” as well!! And mostly everyone knows where we live because of it! 😀 Sometimes we’ve had people ask us if we’re a boarding school or something! Most of the big vans here like ours are either for schools or gypsy’s! 😀
    We got a new van last year sometime, but it wasn’t because there was tons of holes, etc. Something was wrong in the engine. :p
    I guess big families relate quite a lot!

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  3. Aw, that’s sad, but I’m glad you got a better van! Remember the old van was what made it so you stayed and visited with us longer last time you were here! Maybe it wasn’t what your parents had planned, but it was fun to see you longer! *Fun memories* 😃

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