Happy Father’s Day, Dad! <3

Happy Father’s Day, Dad! <3

Today is Father’s day! Today is the day we celebrate our dads, and thank God for them.


Dad, opening Father’s Day cards from his children

And we thank them for all they have done for us.

Like putting up with us when we pestered him!

Fathers day

For loving us.


That’s me as a baby, 🙂

For being silly with us.


Someone said I looked like a lion jumping over the bars of a cage, XD!

2016-12-23 10.28.24

For getting exhausted for us.


For always being there for us.


For risking his life for me. 😛


For letting us give him hugs. (Don’t worry, he wasn’t really choking to death.)

For getting wet for us.


For driving us places.


And lots, lots more!

What Dad does when you tell him to smile:

2016-11-23 12.57.05

What he does when you tell him to smile a little better:

2016-11-23 12.57.16

2016-11-23 12.58.34

I love you, Dad!!! ❤


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