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My favorite things tag

Hello again! How has the month of July been? Ours has been super-duper busy, but still great. 🙂

A few days ago I was tagged by Amie for the My Favorite Kinds of Things tag. Thank you Amie! And thank-you Anna for tagging Amie so that Amie could tag me, and… 😛

Anyway, here are the rules.


♥ Thank and link back to the persons blog who started the tag! (Beth in Boots)
♥ Write about seven of your favorite things in your post!  (add at least one picture of everything!)
♥ Tag seven  people at least! ( If you don’t know seven blogs to tag just tag as many as you can)
♥ Put the seven rules in your blog post!
♥ Include the picture above for the beginning of your post!
♥ Have fun!!!

The things I list aren’t necessarily in order of favorite to least favorite.

#1 Photography

Photography is one of my very favorite hobbies! I love it!

#2 Books and Reading

I love reading so very, very much!!! And most of my favorite authors are my friends. 🙂


How many of those awesome books have you read?

#3 Singing

I enjoy singing so much- mostly hymns! I don’t have a favorite hymn, because I just love a LOT of them! I sing with my sister Gracie very often.

#4 Playing instruments

I play piano and guitar the most, along with a a few other little instruments. There are a lot of instruments that I really want to learn, like violin (I did play Joy to the World! Once. With lots of trial and error!), flute, banjo, and others. Everything that I play, I play be ear. I sadly haven’t learned to read notes yet… Hopefully someday! Now let me see if I have any pictures of instruments…

2017-10-03 13.13.55

#5 Siblings

I have a lot!!!

2017-04-13 15.50.04

#6 Friends

I didn’t have any trouble finding enough pictures for this category! I love taking pics with my friends! ❤

#7 Writing Letters

I have a million pen-pals. (Okay, maybe not quite…) When we moved to Mexico two years ago, I left almost all my friends behind in AZ, so I write to them as often as a can!

That was fun! Time to nominate. Except that I don’t know what I shall do, because almost everybody I know had already been tagged! Literally! So just give me a sec to think…

Here we go. (Don’t feel pressured to do this! (; )






Thanks for reading!

Over and out,


P.S. All pictures above were taken by me except for the ones in #7.


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    • Hi Rebekah! Ok, sounds great! I would love to see your answers. 😀 I miss and love you too! ❤
      Oh, and I sent you an email, btw, in case you haven’t seen it yet. 🙂


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