Liebster Award… Again!!!



I don’t know about you, but I like doing tags enough to love doing this one twice! Besides,  it’s new questions to answer! 🙂 So, thanks Amie, for tagging me!

Here are the rules

1. Thank the blog that nominated you for the award
2. Answer the questions they gave you
3. Give 11 fun facts about yourself
4. Nominate 11 other bloggers for the award, and give them 11 questions to answer

So, here are Amie’s questions, and my answers. 😀

History book or Science book?  Why?

I’d say history book. It’s just really fun learning about… Um, history. But science is cool too…

What is better, having to color all day, or having to wash dishes all day?

Ooh. Ow. Hm. That’s hard. I suppose color all day. ONLY IF IT’S AN ADULT COLORING BOOK! If it’s not, then I’d say wash dishes. :O

Do you use caps lock often?


Lace, ruffles, or camouflage?

Definitely camouflage. 😀 I like wearing it. 😉

What is you opinion on the all time classic, Pride and Prejudice? 36677620

Do I have to have an opinion??? Especially cuz I haven’t actually read it. But I have read Presumption and Partiality by my friend Rebekah Jones.

Botany or astronomy?

Astronomy, for sure!!!

If you had to choose a broken finger, or a broken toe, which would you chose?

Yikes. Um, neither…. But since I have to choose… Probably a broken toe.

What is your favorite hair color?

My hair color- RED! Red hair is the best! 😀

Do you enjoy crafting or destroying better?


What is your favorite kind of tape?

Scotch tape has always been a life saver for me, and washi tape is super fun to use. I’d say those two are my favorites.

Lastly, if you knew some horrid event was about to happen in the near future, how would you go about warning people?

Hm… I’d probably post it on my blog, email all my contacts, and ask my mom and dad to post about it on Facebook… Actually I’d probably just tell my parents and let them deal with it… ;P

And now for some 11 random fun facts about me. I’ll try not to overlap on the facts I wrote last time

  1. Right now, I am listening to He’s a Pirate from Pirates of the Caribbean. (If you haven’t ever heard of that, go look it up. It’s SOOO good!!! I am only recommending the song, not the movie!)
  2. I am 5′ 7” 3/4 tall.
  3. Right now I am wearing a blue and white floral dress that my friend made. 😀 ❤
  4. I slept outside in a hammock for the first time last month with a friend. (The same friend in #3!)
  5. I love doing my sister’s hair.
  6. I am always listening to music… (Well, almost… ;))
  7. I have lived in 9 different houses in my life.
  8. My birthday is on Thanksgiving this year, and I’m turning 15! 😀
  9. I am having a hard time thinking of more facts…
  10. I always put a LOT of salt in my food. (Hey, salt goes in EVERYTHING, right?)
  11. I enjoy journaling. But not just plain old, write everything down journaling… More like scrapbook, or smashbook journaling!

And now… Time to brainstorm about who to nominate. (All of which, have probably already been nominated at one point or another…) Don’t feel pressured to do this, just cuz I nominated you!!! 🙂

  1. Gaby H.

2. Elijah H. 

3. Amie (Right back at you, girl! ;P)

4. Laura (From Flowers in my Basket)

5. Laura again (From Beautiful Things)

6. Hannah

7. Maddy

8. And I

9. Can’t think

10. of

11. Anyone else to tag right now. Of course, though, you’re always tagged! Answer the questions in the comments! I’d love to see what you say!

My questions for you…

  1. How did you pick your blog’s name? (If you have a blog.)
  2. Describe yourself in three words
  3. Now, ask a family member to describe you in three words and see what the difference is!
  4. What your favorite blog post you’ve written?
  5. Is the glass half full or half empty?
  6. Favorite holiday?
  7. Top three favorite books?
  8. How many of the U.S. states have you been to?
  9. Have you ever been to another country?
  10. Describe your surroundings.
  11. Do you like answering tags?

Well, that’s about it for now! 😀

I hope you all are having a wonderful day today. 🙂

Fair thee well,

Rosy =D

P.S. And guys, spell check is still trying to change Liebster Award to Lobster award… (Who want a lobster award??? Well, maybe if you’re a fisherman or something…) 😉





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