Recent and Not-So-Recent Art

Recent and Not-So-Recent Art

A friend requested that I do a post about my drawings, and I was kind of inspired to actually do it when I saw Amie’s post, here. So, consequently, you are going to be forced  to get to see some of my recent, and not-so-recent drawings! 😀

We’ll start with my not-so-recent drawings. These were done several years ago, back when we lived in Arizona.


The pilgrims. I think… 😉


A dolphin!


This boy is either praying… or he really does not like whatever is in his bowl.

And then I improved a bit… (These are mostly after we moved to Mexico three years ago.)


This one was supposed to be my dad preaching. It doesn’t really look much like him, lol…


And it was only recently that I got serious about drawing… Here is some of my most recent art. 🙂


An interesting looking chipmunk


A praying mantis


Some random hand lettering I did. I really want to practice and get better at this!


This was going to be a bald eagle… But it turned out to be a seagull instead, lol!

These last three are all my favorites!!! 😀


A ship. (Since you probably couldn’t tell… 😛 )


I love this one! 😀 ❤ 

Last, but not least, is my so-far, absolute favorite! It’s still a WIP though. 🙂 I’m really loving how this is turning out! Besides, it’s horses!!! 😀



Aaaaand, there you have it!

Have a great rest of the day! (Or if you live in Australia, night!) 😀

Rosy 🙂

Which picture was your favorite? Do you like to draw? Does anyone else dislike the new WordPress editor? I just can’t figure out these block things! 😛 

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  1. I love so many of them that I find it difficult to point out which ones are my favorite.

    The preying mantis was extremely impressive, and I also loved the chipmunk, seagle 😂, and hand lettering.

    But by far the best of all are the last threesome. I have always wished I could capture the beauty of horses with paper and pencil but have failed miserably.

    I found that I am better at drawing barns and silos and country scenes without ANY humans or animals in the picture. 😂

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  2. Ooh! Lovely drawings! I really like the praying mantis and the rose. Gorgeous! You are quite good! I like the horses, too. I did something very similar in a kit with outlines once, but yours looks very pretty! Is is free hand?
    Have a good night!

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  3. Ooh! I love your drawings!!! My favorites are the ship and the horse!! So pretty!! I used to enjoy drawing, but gave up on it a few years ago in favor of something that I was better at!
    New WordPress editor? Uh oh…. I haven’t done anything with my blog for a few days….ummm…i’ll be so confused! 😮😓🤤😂

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