March 2021 Recap

March 2021 Recap

Hey everyone! 😀

I’m sorry I’m a little late with this post, but here is a recap of the month of March at our house! 😄

~In March I made several meals with my three youngest siblings, Philip (7), Susy (6) and James (4). They’re quite the adorable little chefs, LOL! 😂 ❤️ 👌

Making pizza pocket things

Making spaghetti

~For her birthday, Susy picked mini pizzas. Everybody had a small crust, and got to make their own. 😄

Pizza making party!!! 😁🍕

~It snowed! XD We thought most the the cold was mostly over, but we had another cold snap earlier this month, and it snowed a super tiny bit. ❄️

Being silly with my little brother XD

~I made butter for the fits time ever! I’ve always wanted to try it, and it was really fun to do. 🙂 I made normal butter, as well as cinnamon butter, which my siblings loved.

Playing Catan 😀

My grandparents (My Dad’s parents) visited this month. We had a good time with them! Sadly I didn’t get many pictures, but here is my Dad and Grandma playing a game together.

In March, I….


~Peril on Providence Island by C.R. Hedgecock (5 stars!)

~Scout by Piet Prins (4 stars)

~Quest for Love by Elisabeth Elliot (4.5 stars)

~Hammer of the Hugunots by Douglas Bond (4 stars)

~Questions Jesus Asks by Israel Wayne (5 stars!)

~Living Proof by Clebe McClary (4 stars)

~Be Still my Soul by Elisabeth Elliot (4.7 stars) XD

~By Searching by Isobel Kuhn (5 Stars!)

Blog Posts:

~March 2021 Bullet Journal Set Up

~My Favorite Music for Writing

~It’s Spring//Spring Photoshoot

~Book Haul

Youtube Videos:

~Painting on Pennies!

~Trying Gouache Paint for the First Time!

~Bike with Flowers Painting -Time Lapse

Well, there you guys have a quick run down of my March highlights! It was a great month. 😀


Rosy 💖 🌻

How was your March? Do you any plans for April?

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      • I recently finished “Prisoner of the Pyrenees”. The cliffhanger is HORRIBLE, and I’m (somewhat patiently) waiting for the library to bring me books 7 and 8. I’m not sure what my favorite so far is, but I really enjoyed “The Treacherous Trail”. What is your favorite? 🙂

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        • Oh, SO COOL! I read half of that one at someone else’s house, but we left before I could finish it. SO TRAGIC!😭 Lol!😂 And I think my favorite one so far is the one we are in the middle of…. The Treacherous Trail!! It’s soooo hard and we’re at a REALLY suspenseful! (Like we don’t even know who is who anymore) LOL!

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  1. I LOVE your paintings — they’re soooo pretty! ❤️ Also, it’s fun to see all the fun you’ve been having with your family! I noticed your grandma and dad were playing Othello – I love that game! 😆

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  3. Really fun! Man, I wish I could stick with eating as healthy as you are! Eating that kind of breakfast when my family’s eating pancakes?! Keep up the good work! 😉
    It’s already like summer here!
    My March was great! I drove some, and I met a new friend from Turkey. 😊
    I hope to finish some school this month and read some of the book I’ve been stalling on.
    I also need to persevere with exercising, because…well, you know how it is. You get busy, or that day you don’t feel like it so you give yourself an exception, but you keep on slacking…and eventually you get out of the habit. *looks at myself in frustration*. Anyway…I hope I wasn’t rambling too much! XD

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    • Yes! Haha! Yeah, it can be hard sometimes…. And sometimes I slack off, like I’ve done this week. I’m working on jumping back into healthy eating, starting today.😄
      WOW, that’s so cool you met with a friend from Turkey! That’s awesome. 😀
      Those are great goals! YES, I know how that goes…. I’m in that same rut right now, haha. Again, I need to jump back in with that, haha!😂
      Thanks for your wonderfully long comment! It made my day (even thought I took forever to answer…. lol) XD
      Have a great day!! ❤

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