What I’m doing for 12th Grade

What I’m doing for 12th Grade

Hey friends!! ❤️

I mentioned a few posts back that I started 12th grade a few weeks ago, and a few of you said that you would like to see what books I’m using.

I’ve been doing it for several weeks, and I’ve really been enjoying it. (Even though I’m very anxious to graduate, haha!) Here’s what I’ve been doing!

  1. Epoch from Generations

I really enjoy reading the book that goes with this. (Epoch by Kevin Swanson) It’s very interesting and enlightening.

2. Worldviews in Conflict from Generations

I’ve been wanting to read this book for years, so I’m excited about it!

3. Intro to Missions from ACE

I love this one because there are a bunch of really neat missionary biographies for me to read!! Currently I’m reading Peril by Choice about John and Elaine Beekman, missionaries in Mexico. 😀

4. Jenson’s Format Writing from MasterBooks

It’s quite possible that this is my least favorite subject…. I usually like writing, but I don’t really like this book. 😂

5. Survey of Science: History and Concepts from MasterBooks

This one is so interesting!! There are four textbooks to reading, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Physics. I’m currently reading The World of Mathematics, which I’m enjoying much more than I thought I would. XD

6. Apologetics in Action from MasterBooks

This is one of my favorite subjects here, as I have already read a love several of these books. I’m currently reading Demolishing Supposed Bible Contradictions Vol. 1. 🙂

7. Algebra 1 and Geometry from CTC Math

As far as maths go, this program isn’t the worst. That’s all I’m going to say about it. 🤣

And that’s pretty much it! There’s not a lot of subjects, but some of them are pretty in depth so it’s still a lot of work. I’ve been enjoying (most) of it though!!

Are you familiar with any of these books or programs? I’m interested in what curriculum you all are using!



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  1. Ohh the survey of science books look so interesting! 🤩 I’m doing Physics, Biology and Chemistry in Grade 11 right now and loving them 😄 Enjoyed reading through this!

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  2. I always love reading about what homeschoolers use for their curriculum! I’ll definitely have to look into these as I’d love to homeschool my future children, Lord-willing. ❤ When I started 6th grade, my school actually created their own curriculum, so I've been using that for all my Middle School and now almost all of my High School career. Thankfully, they're not too agenda focused, except for my English books since it's a secular school. 🙄😂

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  3. The Intro to Missions course sounds like something I’d like, except I don’t need to do anymore school. I want to read those Kevin Swanson books sometime! I haven’t done any of these courses.

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