Please contact me if you are interested in one or more of these packages!

Package One 

Product review – I will review a product from your shop or business on my blog = $0. Add a giveaway = $5.

Package Two

Vlog/Video product review up to 5 minutes. Will be posted on both my blog and youtube channel. = $15

Package Three

Sidebar ad for one month = $6

Sidebar ad for three months = $15

Sidebar ad for 6 months = $28

*Feel free to provide your own advertisement, however I can make it for you for a one time fee of $5. Graphics must be square. 

Package Four

Review, Giveaway and 3 months advertising = $28

*Prices guaranteed to the end of the year.


What products should I send you? 

Feel free to send me the product(s) of your choice, or give me a choice between a few items in your shop.

Who will ship the product (prize) to the giveaway winner?

I will send you the name and address of the giveaway winner,and you will ship them the product.

Will you review just anything? 

Company and product must be wholesome and clean, and I reserve the right to refuse any item. 

How long will it take to review my product?

Due to us living in Mexico with no mail service, we use a U.S. mailing address. It may take me 4-6 weeks for me to receive the package. However, I will commit to getting the post up within two weeks of receiving the product in hand. 

What can I advertise? 

You can advertise anything, from your business, etsy shop, blog, youtube channel, etc! 

Please contact me if you have any more questions! 

Please leave a comment!I would love to hear from you. :)

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