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Helpmeet to my wonderful husband, Nathan. Mother to 9 children, so far! Rosy - 15, Gracie - 14, Lizzie - 11, Andy -10, Bekah - 8, Ruthie - 6, Philip - 5, Susanna-3 and James-2

How Well do You Know Rosy? // Fun Quiz!

How Well do You Know Rosy? // Fun Quiz!

After making those polls a few days ago, I started playing around, and came up with this quiz! This quiz is called……….

*Drum roll please, even though you already know the name by reading the title*


“How Well do You Know Rosy?”

I can’t wait to your scores!!!

Some of the questions in this quiz are fairly easy, while others… not so much! Many of these you should be able to answer if you have been reading and following my blog over the last few years. But with some of them, you just have to have met me, lol! 😀 XD

⬇︎Click this link to go the the quiz. ⬇︎

Oh, and fyi, I’m not expecting most of y’ll to get a super high score, since this quiz would be hard for anyone who doesn’t know me personal. (So, you don’t have to be embarrassed if you get a low score. 😉 ) 😀


Good luck!

Rosy J.

What score did you get? Should I start doing more quizzes, polls and surveys? 

Note: Some of you have noticed that on the bottom of my posts, there’s a thing that’s supposed to be about me, but since I’m currently under my Mom’s WordPress account it’s about Mom instead. (So no, I do not have a 15 year old daughter, or even a husband! 😛 XD ) I’m hoping to get that fixed soon, by transferring my blog to a different account or something. But if anybody knows of a way to remove that note until then, I’d love to know about it. 😉 Thanks!!! 😀 🙂




Blog Collab with Ani!


Hey all! Over the past week, my new friend, Ani, and I have been working on this blog collab! We had a blast asking and answering each other’s questions, and comparing our answers. Oh, and be sure to check out Ani’s awesome blog, here! 

Ani came up with half of the questions, and I came up with the other half. And we both answered all of them! So, here they are!!!

What are you most afraid of?

Ani: Spiders. For some reason ever since I was little, I have been scared to death of spiders. I do not just dislike them–I am scared of them!

Rosy: Me? Afraid? Just kidding, lol! Well, I’m not sure on one thing I’m scared of more than anything else. But one thing I am afraid of is failure. And rejection… oh wait, that was two things… 😛


If you could choose one country on the world to visit, which would it be?

Ani: I have always thought it would be so cool to go abroad, so definitely Europe. Plus, there is so much history there!

Rosy: There’s quite a few places I’d love to visit. Europe is one of them. It would be so cool to go to London! Russia would be awesome too. So would Australia… 😀


What color do you think looks best on you?

Ani: I would say dark colors look best on me. Specifically navy blue, black, and burgundy.

Rosy: I’d say the color blue. Most of my clothes are either blue or green!!! XD


What kind of shoes do you wear the most?

Ani:  I wear sneakers (like Vans) a lot because they are very comfortable and I walk a lot.

Rosy: I wear canvas shoes or boots a lot, especially in the fall and winter. In the summer I usually wear flip-flops, or just go barefoot! XD


What was the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Ani: I’ve done a lot of crazy things in my life (like hiking Rim-River-Rim in the Grand Canyon in just one day when i was 10)! However, the craziest thing I’ve done that I’m most proud of is reading the entire Bible through in just 2 weeks when I was 12 years old. My Sunday school had a competition that whoever read the entire Bible from cover to cover first would win 100 dollars. So while I came away from the competition 100 dollars richer, I also came away 100 times closer in my walk with the Lord–which is the most important!

Rosy: I honestly don’t know… I mean, I never do crazy things. Jk, I probably do. My sister says I do. 😉 Well, one crazy thing I did once, was when my mom told me to throw a banana peel away, I wouldn’t do it, and held it over the trash can for two hours, stubbornly refusing to let go!!! Hopefully I will set your mind at ease when I tell you I was only two! XD


Click “shuffle” on your Youtube playlist, and name the first 3 songs that play.

Ani: I don’t listen to songs on YouTube, however, I listen to Spotify all the time. These are the first three songs off my Spotify playlist: 1.) “Priceless” by For King and Country, 2.) “A Million Dreams” by the Piano Guys, and 3.) “Fight Song/Amazing Grace” by the Piano Guys


He Who is Mighty

Lit High the Name of Jesus

In Times Like These


How many U.S. states have you ever been too?

Ani: Nine. Arizona, California, Wyoming, Idaho, Michigan, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, and Utah.

Rosy: I think 10. 🙂 Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi , Alabama, and Georgia.


Describe the area you live in.

Ani: I live in a very dry, very hot desert. When I look out my windows, I see saguaros and other cactus, mesquite trees, and dirt all surrounded by beautiful, tall mountains! I also see my donkey, and my dogs! :))

Rosy: We live in Cuauhtemoc, Chihuahua, Mexico. It’s a prairie like area, but surrounded on almost sides by mountains.


Ask a family member or friend to describe you in 4 words. What did they say?

Ani: Determined, Studious, Focused, Diligent.

Rosy: I asked my friend, and she said, “talkative, fun, ornery, and sweet. In other words: A really good friend.

Oh whew, that was not as bad I thought it might be! 😛 Except for the ornery. Hmmm, I have no clue where she got that… 😉


Do you like snakes?

Ani: They’re okay. I don’t hate them but I don’t love them either.

Rosy: Actually, I kinda do like small, non-venomous snakes. I really want a pet Garter Snake! And it would be so cool to at least touch a Giant Anaconda, lol!


This snake was in our tree. It was sooo fun to photograph!!!

Would you rather wear shoes every single second for the rest of your life or never be allowed to wear shoes ever again?

Ani: I would rather always have to wear shoes. I am a wimp when it comes to walking barefoot.

Rosy: That’s a bit hard, because I go barefoot so often in the summer, but I think I’d rather wear shoes all the time.


What was the last thing that you did for the first time?

Ani: I flew in an airplane for the first time about a month and a half ago!! (It was a private plane flown by my friend’s dad).

Rosy: Well, I’m doing a blog collab for the first time right now… 😉


What’s the first thing you do when you are bored?

Ani: Me? Bored? Haha, I’m just kidding XD. I think I probably either pick up a book, or my tablet (I’m sorry–that is 2 answers!).

Rosy: Read a book or go outside and take pictures… 😀


If you could have dinner with any three people from history, who would they be?

Ani: Desmond Doss, George Washington, and Esther.

Rosy: Haha, wow, good question! And hard! Hmmm… George Washington… Oh, can I do Bible characters? It would be sooo amazing to talk to Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 And Joseph. 🙂 

If you were given a million dollars today, how would you spend it?

Ani: I would buy the last 5 books I need to complete the Mandie series by Lois Gladys Leppard (I have been wanting to complete this series for ever!) and save the rest for a car, college, etc.

Rosy: Cool! XD I would buy a really good camera, and some photography equipment, and save the rest.

If you had to make an alias, what would your name be?

Ani: Hmmm…I really like my name, but if I was forced to come up with an alias, I might pick Keanna  (pronounced Kee-o-nu) since it is my pen name!

Rosy: Um, never thought about it. :/ like, I honestly never have… I like my name… XD


If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Ani: THM Cinnamon Bundt Cake (it’s a sugar free and gluten free bundt cake that my mom makes that is literally the BEST thing EVER!! You can definitely not tell that it has no sugar and is healthy for you!)

Rosy: Ew, I hope that never happens… Maybe salad? It’s healthy, yummy, and I wouldn’t get sick of it too fast.


If a genie granted you 3 wishes right now, what would you wish for?

Ani: Unlimited books, wishes, and love.

Rosy: If a genie granted me any wishes, I would be shocked and horrified!!! But hmmm, 3 wishes… I’d wish for a better camera with equipment. All the books on my wishlist. Aaaand… A lifetime supply of wishes! 😛 XD 😉


If you could have personally witnessed anything, what would you have wanted to see?

Ani: I would have loved to watch Jesus walk on water! I bet that would have been the coolest thing!

Rosy: Good question. I guess there are a lot of things I would have loved to have watched. I’ve always wondered what the parting of the Red Sea was like… That’d be so cool to see!!!


What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten?

Ani: Well, I have eaten crickets and menudo before…and…are you ready for this?….I am not proud of it…dog poop. When I was around 3, my older sister dared me to eat a small piece and told me that if I ate it she would eat it too. Well me being the sweet and naive 3 year old I was, I ate it. (I didn’t find out until years later that my sister just pretended to eat it….) Yes, I know…WAY too TMI!

Rosy: Well, I haven’t eaten a whole lot of strange things… I’ve eaten grasshopper. I’ve eaten alligator. I tried dog food once once, but I ended up feeling sorry for our poor puppy… 😛 🙂

What does a normal day look like in your house?

Ani: I agree with Rosy–it depends on what day. Almost every day of the week is different for us. However, I always get up at 5 AM and work out with my mom. I do this every single day of the week except Sundays and unless we don’t have jump rope practice. If we don’t have piano lessons, jump rope practice, or if I don’t babysit, this is what the rest of the day will typically be like. 6:15(or whenever I finish my workout)-7 Bible time; 7:00-8:00 math; 8:00-9:00 breakfast and clean up; 9:00-12:00 School; 12:00-1:00 lunch; 1:00-4:00 Finish school and practice piano; 4:00 Cleanup; 5:00 Free time, work on my blog, read, spend time on my tablet, or make dinner; 6:30 Dinner and family time 8:00 read and write in diary; 9:00 sleep

Rosy: It depend on which normal day… XD Most days, I get up, get dressed and read my Bible, eat breakfast, do chores, and work on school until lunch. We eat lunch (usually beans), do lunch chores and then I work on school until I’m finished. After that I usually have another chore, and then free time. We have supper, supper chores, family worship, and sometimes free time until bed. 🙂


Wow, that was a long post. And very wordy.  😛 (1,682 words!) But that’s not bad, sooo! XD Yeah. If you read through this whole thing, then congratulations! You made it! Finally. 

~Rosy Joy

Do you like snakes?

Help us Solve the Mystery!!!

Help us Solve the Mystery!!!

Sorry I couldn’t think of a better title… That was cheesy… :/ But hey, speaking of cheese, this post is actually about grilled cheese sandwiches! Well, kinda. Ok, you’re probably confused by now, so let me explain. 🙂

So, our family has this thing about how a grilled cheese sandwich should be cut. And whether or not eggs should be eaten with honey. (Totally gross in my opinion!!!) 😛 And we love arguing our opinions. In fun of course!

And now, we what to see what you think about these debatable topics in our family!

(Note: If you’re reading this in your WR, you’ll have to go to my actual site to see the polls. And please do!!!!!)

The Butter/Table Knife Mystery

All of us kids have grown up calling this a butter knife. So did my Mom. But certainly not my Dad! XD

Although, technically, this is called a table knife, we want to know what your family calls it.


The Honey on Eggs Mystery

Who eats honey on their scrambled eggs?!?!?! My Dad.

He literally likes to put scrambled eggs on his waffle or pancakes, and drizzle it with honey.


Kind of gross.

But what do you think? Obviously, the answers is… “Please noooo…”. But I promise to still be your friend if you say yes. 😉


And last, but not least…

The Grilled Cheese Mystery

There are many different ways you can cut a grilled cheese sandwiches. Diagonally, in quarters, in half… Or in the shape of a shoe. 🤨 But which way is the right way?

Diagonally duh.


And that’s it! Be sure to tell me in the comments what you voted for!!! (Since Crowd-signal won’t let me see who voted unless I pay them money… :/ )

Rosy Joy

A Barefoot Gal 5 Year Blogiversary Giveaway


So excited for this giveaway! Check it out! 😀

A Barefoot Gal

Hello everyone!

That’s right, it’s time for my annual blogiversary giveaway. Up until I typed out the title, I didn’t realize that come February 20th, I will have been blogging for five years! I guess I’ve been blogging for a little longer than I thought. 🙂

I’m never quite sure how to get into these posts, so here are a few stats for A Barefoot Gal:

  • This will be my 555th post, and I’m posting about my 5th blogiversary! Hah!
  • This blog has 106,888 total views as of the writing of this post.
  • And 23,276 visitors.
  • And 1,555 followers (so many fives!).
  • The average words per post go up with the years. It was 93 in 2014, 208 in 2015, 323 in 2016, 560 in 2017, and 634 in 2018.
  • Total words in all my posts combined: 179,157.
  • Most of the search terms that lead people…

View original post 355 more words

Committee Story!


Hey guys! (And gals! 😛 ) I’m finally here with a committee story. I don’t know about you, but I really excited about this!

The last committee story I did, a few years ago, kinda went kerplunk. But, that was because I didn’t have many followers back then, and I was only like 13, etc… So! Let’s try again! I’m sure we can make this turn out awesome! (At least, if I can help it! 😛 😉 )

So, let’s just run over the rules real quick. 🙂

Here’s how it works. I post a story starter and y’all pick up where I left off by commenting with the next part of the story. Please write only a paragraph or two at a time and wait to add on again until at least one other person else has. Try to keep the story moving along nicely, leave plenty of mystery and suspense for the next person to write about, and I will finish the story once it has come to some sort of ending. (Please make sure your writing is God honoring and appropriate for young ages. Please avoid all magic, gross violence, children being rebellious, and anything else that contradicts God’s Word.) You can read each new addition here in the comments, and then I will post the entire story, once it is complete, for everyone to read! Be creative and enjoy!!!

Maybe I shouldn’t have ever tried coming home this way, Nick thought, peering around another alleyway. He prodded on, unaware of the real danger he was in. As his eyes took in the dark, forbidden neighborhood, he wished he was back on his normal route towards home. At the beginning it had just seemed like another adventure to him,  but now it was nearing sunset, and, even though he wouldn’t admit it to himself, he was lost.

Suddenly, an earsplitting scream pierced the air. Nick whipped around, but was not prepared for what he saw.

Your turn!!! 😄

(I am dying to see what y’all come up with…. 😁)

Rosy Joy 🌹🥀


You are my All in All

You are my All in All

Jesus should be our everything. He should be, without exception, our all in all. Our hearts should be bursting with praise and gratitude to Him!

He should be our King of kings, Lord of lords and God of gods! The question is, do we have anything in our life that is taking that away from us? Anything that is coming between us and our relationship with the Lord? If there is, we want to do all we can to rid ourselves of whatever that is. Then Jesus can truly be our all in all!


~Rosy Joy

P.S. Stay tuned for a committee story soon! As soon as I think of a good starter… 😉

A Random Post // My Life Lately


Random Topic #1

A Visit From Our Grandparents

This January, our Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles came over for a few days, all the way from Coahuila, Mexico to celebrate a late Christmas with us. We had a really good time with them! 🙂 I didn’t take very many pictures, but here are a few, not all taken my me.


The kids playing with Uncle Benjamin


All of us kids with Grandpa

One of my uncles, Timothy, took a new family photo for us! Which brings me to me next topic…

Random Topic #2

Family Pictures

family picture 2019

This was definitely my favorite picture!!! 😍


All the sisters and brothers. ❤ 🙃


Dad with all of us girls. 🙃


Mom with all the boys. 🙃

Random Topic #3


When I said random, I meant RANDOM! Lol. XD 😂


My friends Karen, and I. Oh, and Andy. Apparently, he thought this picture needed him. xD

So, for the last several months I’ve been teaching my friend, Karen, school as there isn’t a school here for her to go to. Here mother is our maid, and comes to our house to help out with chore twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays. So, on those days, Karen gets her lessons! Usually it’s just her I’m teaching, but sometimes  I have up to 4 or 5 students! Like on this particular day, when I had 4… 😁😂


My little friend, Maria (The little girl in the pink jacket who’s sitting next to me), drew this picture of me. ⬇︎


I think it bears a remarkably strong resemblance of me, don’t you think?


Random Topic #4

New Goats

A couple weeks ago, my dad came home with two goats, a mother with her little kid. 😀



Lizzie was happy! 😀

Random Topic #5

The Moon

The moon has been sooo pretty lately!!!! I have very much enjoyed taking pictures of it. 🙂

When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers, The moon and the stars, which You have ordained. Psalm 8:3


A yellow moon! 😮


Did any of you see the lunar eclipse last night (Jan 20)? It was so cool! I didn’t any good pictures… for four reasons. 1) It was freezing and I was barefoot. 2) I was shivering and that kept shaking the camera. 3) The dogs kept jumping on me. And 4) I didn’t have a tripod. So anyways, here was the best I managed to get. 🙂


Random Topic #6

This topic is actually a question.

Ok, so awhile back (Like, a looong while back), I did a committee story here on my blog. (If any of y’all are clueless, here’s the rules. Oh, and thanks to Anna W. for writing these up for me like, a looong while back! xD)

Here’s how it works. I post a story starter and y’all pick up where I left off by commenting with the next part of the story. Please write only a paragraph or two at a time and wait to add on again until someone else has. Try to keep the story moving along nicely, leave plenty of mystery and suspense for the next person to write about, and I will finish the story once it has come to some sort of ending. (Please make sure your writing is God honoring and appropriate for young ages. Please avoid all magic, gross violence, children being rebellious, and anything else that contradicts God’s Word.) You can read each new addition here in the comments, and then I will post the entire story, once it is complete, for everyone to read! Be creative and enjoy!!!

So, I was wondering what y’all thought about doing another one sometime in the near future? I think it would be so fun, and that we could write an awesome short story together! If I did one of these, do you think you would write for it? 🙂

Thy humble servant, 😉

Rosy 🌹

P.S. This was a bit of a long post, so here’s a cupcake for you if you read through it all! Also, if you comment below, I’ll give you a cookie… (Virtually of course, lol! 😉 😜)

Should I do more of these “Random posts”? Did you get to see the eclipse? Do you like goats? And what do you think about doing a committee story here on Rosy’s Writings?


Home Alone// Jesus Loves Me

Home Alone// Jesus Loves Me

This weekend most of the family went to El Paso, Texas, mainly to drop Mom and Lizzie off at the airport, as they are heading to Kansas. They left early yesterday morning. (Early, like, 4:00 a.m. or something! 😮 ) I am staying home with Gracie, Bekah and Ruthie. The rest of the family should be back later this afternoon. 🙃

While they’re gone, Gracie and I are taking advantage of the quiet and making as many song videos as we possibly can for our blog, The Delightful Dueters. 😄 Here’s one we did with Bekah and Ruthie. I’m actually quite pleased with how it turned out. They did a great job! 😁 😉

To see more videos like this, visit our blog The Delightful Dueters!

The Delightful

Have an awesome day! 😀

Rosy Joy 🌹


Recent and Not-So-Recent Art

Recent and Not-So-Recent Art

A friend requested that I do a post about my drawings, and I was kind of inspired to actually do it when I saw Amie’s post, here. So, consequently, you are going to be forced  to get to see some of my recent, and not-so-recent drawings! 😀

We’ll start with my not-so-recent drawings. These were done several years ago, back when we lived in Arizona.


The pilgrims. I think… 😉


A dolphin!


This boy is either praying… or he really does not like whatever is in his bowl.

And then I improved a bit… (These are mostly after we moved to Mexico three years ago.)


This one was supposed to be my dad preaching. It doesn’t really look much like him, lol…


And it was only recently that I got serious about drawing… Here is some of my most recent art. 🙂


An interesting looking chipmunk


A praying mantis


Some random hand lettering I did. I really want to practice and get better at this!


This was going to be a bald eagle… But it turned out to be a seagull instead, lol!

These last three are all my favorites!!! 😀


A ship. (Since you probably couldn’t tell… 😛 )


I love this one! 😀 ❤ 

Last, but not least, is my so-far, absolute favorite! It’s still a WIP though. 🙂 I’m really loving how this is turning out! Besides, it’s horses!!! 😀



Aaaaand, there you have it!

Have a great rest of the day! (Or if you live in Australia, night!) 😀

Rosy 🙂

Which picture was your favorite? Do you like to draw? Does anyone else dislike the new WordPress editor? I just can’t figure out these block things! 😛 

Get to Know Me Writer’s Tag


alberta amazing attraction banff

Photo by James Wheeler on

I’m super excited about doing this tag, so thanks Anna and Pearl (Or Peranna!) for tagging me!!! 😀 I know it’s been forever since you two tagged me, but I finally getting to it!!! 😉

Oh, and y’all can head over and check out their awesome post, here.

Anyway, here are the rules.


  1. Link back to the person who created the tag: Savannah
  2. Thank the person that tagged you: Pearl and Anna!
  3. Share the tag graphic below: Voila!
  4. Tag 11 other bloggers: at the end of this post. Well, we shall see if I can think of that many bloggers who have not already been tagged… 😉



Name: Rosanna Joy Marr. But, you can call me Rosy… Or anything else you want to call me… I have SO many nicknames, lol. xD

Nickname: Haha, like I said… I have a lot… Let’s see, here are a few. Rose, Toes, Rosy-Posy, Rosyanna, Pollyanna, Rosy-toes, Rosums, and Grossy*, to name a few!

*I know that sounds really strange, and it is… The story behind that, is that my when I was little, my Grandma would get my name mixed up with my sister Gracie’s. And it always turned out to be “Grossy”. Somehow, it stuck among my siblings, lol! 😛


Birthday: November 22, 2003.

Hair Color and Length: I have red hair, and love it! It’s about medium length, though I really want to grow it long.

Eye Color: Depends… 😛 Usually they’re blue, but depending on the day, and what I wearing, they are green and gray, or greenish-gray, or hazel… xD

Braces/Piercings/Tattoos: None of the above!

Righty or Lefty: I’m right handed. 🙂



Novel Written: I have yet to actually write a novel, but I am working on a novelette. (Which will hopefully get finished!!! 😛 )

Novel Completed: Like I said… lol. xD Someday!

Award for Writing: Well, the only one I can think of is winning a short story contest once on Noble Novels a few years ago. 🙂

Publication: None. So far!!!

Conference: None, though I have been to some!

Query/Pitch: No comprendo… Sorry. (Somebody tell me what this talking about!!!) XD



Novel (That You Wrote): N/A

Genre: Definitely historical fiction!!!! 😀 ❤

Authors: Hmmm… Wow… Maggie Joy, Malachi Cyr, Rebekah Jones, Elizabeth George Speare, and Christmas Carol Kaufman.

Writing Music: I like to listen to the Galkin Evangelistic Team, Steve Pettit Evangelistic Team, Coffey Ministries, Greater Vision Quartet, among others!

Time to Write: Usually late at night when I should be in bed, lol… 😛

Writing Snack/Drink: Um, food? Water? 😛 xD

Movie: I like Sargent York a lot… Prince Brat and the Whipping boy.

Childhood Books: Little Jewel Books, the Three Cousin’s detective Club books, Blessings Everywhere,  Dr. Seuss books… 😛 😉

Currently Reading: I’m currently reading the Bible. 😉 Also “Red Sails to Capri” to my siblings. Other than that, nothing at the moment! :-O

Writing: This post, lol! Other than that, multiple stories, and some letters to friends. 😉

Listening to: Behold our God and He who is Mighty. 



Want to be published? Oh yes, totally!!!

Indie or Traditional? I’d probably say Indie, though traditional would also be cool…

Wildest goal? Is it bad that most of my goals aren’t really wild??? 😛 XD

I tag…

Liberty @ Gone in a Dream

Hattush @ Daughters of the Light

Parker @ Pencils and Pianos


Maria @ Middle Mary


And that’s it! That was fun! 😀


P.S. If you read through this whole loooooong wordy post, then…


What about you? What books are you currently reading? Do you have any crazy nicknames? Are you left or right-handed?