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Visiting our Grandparents (April, 2021)


Hey everyone! I’m just popping in to tell you guys all about our trip to our grandparent’s house a couple of weeks ago. 😄 (I mentioned it briefly in THIS POST) 🙂 I showed y’all a few pictures, but I have a bunch more here for you guys!

Warning: This may be a long post, so get ready! XD

My grandparent’s live in the mountains of Coahuila, Mexico, about a days drive from our house. We left early in the morning (around 4:00 am, I think). And somehow I was actually able to doze on and off a bit between 5 and 6, which was nice! At around 7:30, we stopped at a burrito stand for breakfast. (If you know me, you know that’s my favorite part of any trip – getting burritos from one of those burrito stands on the side of the road.) Ok, maybe not my FAVORITE, but I love it. Don’t worry, being with my grandparents was much better.😉😂

Waiting for our burritos in Parral, Chihuahua 😁

After that, we settled down for our long journey, listening to the daring adventures of Ranger Bill along the way. (Ever since our friends, the Cooks, gave the audio drama to us, no trip has been complete without it!)😂

(Oh, and I forgot to mention, Lizzie brought her dog Jock. He actually did really well in the van.) 🙂

And this is how we entertain ourselves in the car… LOL! Poor dog! 🤣

After that, everyone had to try on the sunglasses. 😎

Bekah and I worked in our bullet journals for a while, despite the constant bumping and jostling of the car. (Mexican highways are so much bumpier than in the States) XD We didn’t end up doing for too long though, so we wouldn’t end up ruining our journals forever. 😂 But it was still fun!

Me. Taking a photo. In the gas station bathroom. Brilliant, I know! XD LOL.

After that, we spent the rest of our time reading, being weird and laughing too hard, singing to instrumental bluegrass hymns, being bored, and looking forward to getting there. 😀

I also found some neat photography opportunities at a couple of the gas stations. 😀 I really like how they turned out! 😀

My sister, Grace, tried taking a picture of me… The sun was so bright, it uh, didn’t exactly turn out…! 🤣 🤓 ☀️ So yeah, enjoy this super weird picture of me. 😉

Well, after driving for most of the day, we finally arrived!

The mountains around their house are so pretty!!! ❤️ ⛰

While there, my friend Carolina (Caro) came for a visit. It was so awesome to finally be here after being friends online for quite a while! 😀 We had a lot of fun together!!! 💕

Caro and I!

We took LOTS of pictures. I’m only showing you a few of them, haha!

Love this one!!!

And of course, we had to take at least 1 silly picture. Or 35. But I’ll save your guy’s sanity, and only show you one. 😉

Caro, Ruthie and I!
Abigail and I!

More fun pictures!

And more….!!! 😀 ❤

On Friday, we went to church, and my dad preached and led singing. 😄

After Church, we (SURPRISE) took even more pictures! Haha!

Caro and I! (well, our hands at least…!) Haha!

While we were there, my parent’s celebrated their 19th anniversary, and my Grandma, Aunt, Sisters and I set up a date night for them in the bedroom. 😀

I made this cards to put on their table. (And it was my first time using a real calligraphy pen, so that was super fun!) 😀

And yeah, I think that’s about it!

And, I just realized, I have no pictures with my grandpa, or grandpa! (How did that happen?!) 😲 Well, I love you very much Grandpa and Grandma, and I’m sorry I didn’t get pictures with you guys. To make up, I’ll just have to post this pictures from another 2019.

(I love you, Grandpa and Grandma!!) 💖

Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures. It was an awesome, super fun trip! ❤


Rosy 💖 🌻 🌈

Our Trip to Coahuila


*Note: Don’t read, unless you love pictures. There’s gonna be a lot on this post!*

On Monday, December 23, my family bundled up in the cold to drive to my grandparent’s house, in Coahuila, Mexico. We stopped for lunch in Torreon, Coahuila at a restaurant called Pizzaria La Sierra.

2019-12-30 (1)

2019-12-30 (2)

Lizzie and I both drew Dad’s portrait on napkins while we were waiting for the food… XD Neither of them look anything like Dad, but at least mine was more realistic, lol!!

2019-12-30 (3)

We got to Grandpa and Grandma’s house that night. And we had a lot of fun at their house for the next four days! I have a LOT of pictures…. but I’ll try to limit this post to only my favorites… 🙂

2019-12-30 (40)

The mountains there are so beautiful. ❤ No picture could truly do them justice!

2019-12-30 (39)

Making Tamales 😀

2019-12-30 (41)

Mom, and her mom. ❤

2019-12-30 (37)

2019-12-30 (36)

My beautiful Grandma ❤

2019-12-30 (30)

My brother Philip, Aunt Abigail and I ❤

2019-12-30 (38)

2019-12-30 (31)

Mom, and her Dad playing Backgammon<3

2019-12-30 (32)

On a walk

2019-12-30 (33)

2019-12-30 (4)

My Uncle Benjamin and I

2019-12-30 (35)


2019-12-30 (10)

My Uncle Timothy and I

We got some good pictures with all the family. My uncle Timothy did an amazing job with them!!


I LOVE this picture!!!

2019-12-30 (5)

All of us with Grandpa and Grandma ❤

2019-12-30 (6)

Us with Uncle Benjamin ❤

2019-12-30 (7)

Us with Aunt Anna ❤

2019-12-30 (4)

All the redheads!!! (I love this picture!) ❤

On the last day of our stay, some good friends of ours came up to visit. We had an awesome time with them!!!!!! 😀 ❤

2019-12-30 (12)

I love these people!!!! ❤

2019-12-30 (13)

My uncle, and friend Valeria

2020-01-02 (1)

Three crazy people. xD ❤

2019-12-30 (14)

2019-12-30 (9)

Love this picture!! ❤

2019-12-30 (21)

2019-12-30 (22)

2019-12-30 (27)

Benjamin, and two Andys. ❤

2019-12-30 (23)

2019-12-30 (8)

❤ My Grandpa and I!! ❤

That was a lot of pictures. But it took a lot of self-control not to post them all!! XD ;P

We got home on Saturday, December 28. I was glad to be home, even though I totally would have stayed a few more days. XD (Or weeks?!?!) It was an awesome trip!!!

(Note: Thanks to Timothy, Benjamin, Sinead, and Valeria for letting me use some of their pictures!! love you guys!!!) 😀 ❤ 


P.S. It finally snowed today! (Cuz if it’s gonna be cold, it might as well snow, lol…) XD




The Last few Days at the Marr House


If any of you have been wondering why I haven’t been posting much, or have been really slow at answering emails, chats, and commenting on y’all’s blogs, I have a good excuse, okay! 😉 😀 😛

So last week, we had a group come to our house for a week from Coahuila, another state in Mexico. They came from my grandparent’s church. (Who are also missionaries in Mexico. They came too 🙂 ) We had a blessed time with them, and it was a blast!


The group while on their way to our house. (The four people in the middle are my Grandpa and Grandma, and my Aunt and Uncle.)

They got here on Thursday night of last week, and left super early this morning. I must say, the house seems so quiet and empty without them. Even though we still have a family of 11 here… 😛 😉 😀

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 3.24.34 PM

My Aunt Abigail, with two of the girls who came.


While they were here, we held our very first church service in the brand new building! 😀 It wasn’t totally finished as there still was no door, but at least we had walls! Hopefully they will put in the walls today before Wednesday night church. (They were supposed to do it yesterday, but they never showed up! Lol.)

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 3.25.51 PM

A man in our church praying before the service.

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 3.39.55 PM

My Dad leading the singing.

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 3.44.09 PM

My Grandpa preaching.

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 3.48.27 PM

Dad talking with some Tarahumara Indians visiting our church.

On the last day they were here, Grandma found a picture of her, all of us children (Except James, who was not yet born!), and Abigail. So she wanted to recreate the picture, and put them together!

Before and After

The first picture is four years ago, and the second was yesterday evening. 🙂 Everyone looks so much older! Especially Susy, who is on the far left, on Andy’s lap.

(Oh, and yes, to everyone who is wondering right now, I really do have an aunt who is 5 years younger than me! 😀 )

Grandma and I

My dear Grandma and I. ❤ ❤ ❤

Several of us girls got to help the ladies make tortillas, which was a lot of fun!!

2019-03-13 (1)

Susy rolling out a tortilla.

2019-03-13 (3)

James and Susy with their Uncle Benjamin.

We all had a great time together! 🙂

Well, I should go now. 🙂 Bye!

Love in Christ,

Rosy Joy

Note: It is now after church, and no, they still haven’t put the door in, lol! XD It was cold, and the dog kept coming in, but it was still good! 🙂 😀 



Trip to Couihila, Part 3- Scenery

Trip to Couihila, Part 3- Scenery

Hey guys! I’m so sorry it me so long to get the third and last part of this blog post series down here. But anyway, as I said in the last post, the scenery at my grandparent’s house was… 😮😶… Amazingly amazing. And, as I also said before, my pictures totally do not do it justice.

“Come, behold the works of the Lord” Psalm 46:8








Random pictures of barbed wire!😂


Pictures of Flowers


“For what god is there in heaven or on earth who can do such works and mighty acts as Yours?” Deuteronomy 3:24

“There is no one like You among the gods, O Lord, Nor are there any works like Yours.” Psalm 46:8

Well, that’s it for now. I have a several ideas for blog posts soon. So, stay tuned!😀



Trip to Couihila Part 2- Family Camp


After a few days of just us and our relatives, family camp started! We had a really good time. I had fun seeing friends that I hadn’t seen in a long time, and meeting new friends. And playing a lot games. I got soooo sun burnt! Like, more sun burnt than I’ve ever been in my whole life!!!!! It hurt! There’s a picture later on in this post. But, it was still a lot of fun, and definitely worth it.


During a session


~Photo by Timothy Richardson~

Dad preaching and singing



~Photo by Timothy Richardson~

Grandpa Preaching


Mom and a friend


Mom and Dad visiting

Grandma teaching a group of woman


Mom talking with some of the other women about Lilla Rose products.


James enjoyed meeting another baby!

Uncle Joshua took good care of the little kids!

A then, there was a lot of games! Soccer, frisbee, volleyball, tetherball, football, and ultimate ball. It was a lot of fun!

The hammocks


The registration table. (The red-headed girl is my aunt Anna.)





More Volleyball. 🙂


“Whoah, how did that get there?!”


I was sunburnt… My nose felt like a toad, and the skin and my forehead was falling off… Not fun.


My adorable brother Philip, and I.


~Photo by Timothy Richardson~

During one of the sessions

It was super great to see all my old friends again! We took a lot of pictures!

IMG_0983 copy 2


Rosy, Valeria and me.


Me and Cinnette


The two Rosys!


Me and Lily


Me and Layla


The first picture is an example of what Lizzie does when you tell her to smile… It didn’t last very long!

Group pic

Here is a group picture some of us took closer to the end of camp.

So, all in all, we all had a super great time at family camp. Now we’re just hoping we might be able to make it again next year!!!

The last part, part three, will be mainly about the scenery there. It’s totally worth a whole post! It was amazing, but the pictures just won’t do it justice!

P.S. The “Timothy Richardson” who took a few of the pictures is my uncle, by the way. 


Trip to Couihila Part 1: Time with Relatives


For those of you who are wondering, Coauhuila is a state here in Mexico. That’s also the state where I was born!

I am planning to break this trip up into a few parts (I’m not sure how many yet!), and write about it over the next few days. (That includes pictures, of course!)

So, we left a few weeks ago, on Monday, at about 4:00 am. We drove all day (almost), and arrived at my grandparents house at about 4:00 pm. We had a good time visiting, and catching up.

Mom with my Grandma, and Dad with my Grandpa and Uncle.

Walking with Uncle Benjamin to watch him feed his horse.


Playing on the big, concrete slide that my grandpa made. The lady in the black and white striped shirt is my aunt Ruth.


Mom wasn’t too thrilled about this…



This is a funny picture! He looks like he’s hitting her, but he’s not. I’m not sure what he was really doing…

Lizzie and Abigail washing dishes. Then Lizzie took a silly selfie with my camera.


Devotions and singing.


Lots of games.


Dad playing the Banjitar. That’s a cross between a banjo and a guitar.

Uncle Timothy and Susy.


The room that we all slept in.


I found the title to this book really funny!

Here is a quote from my 9 year old aunt Abigail.

“Rosy, you know, you’re lucky! Not everyone gets to hold their aunt on their lap!”

On the next part, I will post pictures of Family Camp!

A Three Week Trip


In a few more days, my family and I will be traveling for three weeks. First stop-Arizona! We will be visiting Heritage Baptist Church,the church we attended when we lived in AZ. I am VERY excited to see all of my friends there! We will be there about a week, before heading on to Colorado, to celebrate my grandparents 40th anniversary with a lot of other different relatives. We will again be there about a week. Then, last, but not least, will be Wichita Kansas. Mom will be getting Lyme treatment at the Hansa center. We will also be visiting some friends.
So, all in all, we will be driving for 7 days, before finally arriving back home in Mexico. Whew!

Here is a picture of the new church building we are renting.






Our Visit to Our Grandparents House


About a week ago we packed up and climbed into the van at five in the morning to go visit our Grandparents, Uncles, and Aunts, who also live in Mexico! After about day of driving, we finally Arrived! Happily we all climbed out of the van to go meet them! Here are some of the thing that happened during our stay there.


They live up in the mountains and the view was very pretty!

My uncle (who is 13) is really good with Horses! We went horse back riding! Horse are my favorite Animal! 

Wee Hah!

My Uncle riding his Horse!

      My Uncle riding his Horse!


For supper we had Sushi and crab salad! I helped make the Sushi! It was pretty fun to make!




    Crab salad

On our way back home, I took a pretty picture of the sunset!


 The Sunset


We had a very fun time!