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3 Days, 3 Quotes Tag – Day Two

3 Days, 3 Quotes Tag – Day Two

Thanks again for this tag, Hattush!!! 😀 ❤ 😉

“Man says… Show me, and I’ll trust you. God says… Trust me, and I’ll show you.”

~By I-Have-No-Clue-Who….

I love that quote!

And I nominate…

Molly @A Sparkle of Light

Liberty @Gone in a Dream

Maggie @The Poet Under the Sidewalk

Stay tuned for the last day of this tag tomorrow! 😀

3 Days, 3 Quotes Tag – Day One

3 Days, 3 Quotes Tag – Day One

Hiya! My friend, Hattush, tagged me for this really awesome looking tag. Thanks girl!! ❤ 😀 I’m looking forward to doing it! 🙂 This is going to be hard to just chose three quotes though, lol!


• Thank the person who nominated you

• Post a quote for 3 consecutive days (1 quote for each day)

• Nominate three new bloggers each day

Prayer will make a man cease from sin, or sin will make a man cease from prayer.

~John Bunyan

I nominate…

Elle @Elle’s Everyday 

Layla @Layla Writes

Elijah @Christian Books for Christ the King

I’ll be back tomorrow with another quote! 🙂

Do I Have that Book Challenge!


Hey guys! Y’all can call me a thief, because I just stole an awesome looking tag from Kate Willis! Actually, I asked her permission to steal it, so I’m not sure it’s still stealing… Anyways, make sure to check her awesome answers to this tag. 🙂


1. Time yourself trying to find each prompt on your shelf
2. Try and beat the time of the person who challenged you.
3. Don’t forget to tag your challenger and the original creator.
4. Have fun!


1. Do you have a book with tattered edges?


I knew exactly where this one was, so I was able to find it super fast. 🙂 6 seconds!


2. Do you have a book with 3+ people on the cover?


22 seconds!

3. Do you have a book based on another fictional story?


So far this has been pretty easy – 4 seconds!


4. Do you have a book with a title 10 letters long?


After a looong time of searching, I finally found a book with 10 words… Whew… XD Technically, I’m not sure you’re aloud to use sub-titles or not, but I did, so… XD And take back what I said about it being easy… 5 minutes and 22 seconds this time!

Oh my goodness, I just realized I did that wrong!!!!! *face plam* It was supposed to the ten LETTERS, not WORDS! Oh well, I don’t feel like re-doing it now. I spent a lot of time on that, lol! XD


5. Do you have a book with a title that starts and ends with the same letter?


🙂 This one took 1 minute and 11 seconds.


6. Do you have a mass market paperback book?

Ummmmmmmm. Maaaaaaaybe???

7. Do you have a book written by an author using a pen name?

Probably…. I don’t know if I’d know though. But I’ll look. XD 


Sorry, couldn’t find one! I probably have one, but…


8. Do you have a book with a character’s name in the title?


This is a good book! I learned a lot about the Amish, reading it. (Plus, the main character as the same name as me!!!) 😀 8 seconds!

9. Do you have a book with 2 maps in it?


I really liked this book too! 🙂 Ok, this book only has one map in the book, but there’s another one on the cover, so I’m letting it count. 😉 24 seconds. 🙂


10. Do you have a book that was turned into a TV show?

Umm, I really don’t know! Lemme look.


I found one is 43 seconds!!! 😀

11. Do you have a book written by someone who is originally famous for something else? (Celebrity/Athlete/Politician/TV Personality…)

Maybe??? I don’t know… XD

12. Do you have a book with a clock on the cover?

Cool question!

Ooookay, somehow I thought this would be easier. I searched 4.44 seconds, and didn’t really find anything definite. but I think that could maybe, possibly be a clock on the cover??? What do you guys think? 🙂


13. Do you have a poetry book?


Well, I have this one. I haven’t really read it though, so I can’t recommend it yet. 😉 9 seconds!

14. Do you have a book with an award stamp on it?

LOTS. I’ll just try to find one as fast as I can. 🙂 


This is a good book! 14 seconds.


15. Do you have a book written by an author with the same initials as you?

Nope, pretty sure not. That would be cool though! 😀 


16. Do you have a book of short stories?

Several, but this is the one that caught my eye first since I’m trying to hurry… 😉 58 seconds.



17. Do you have a book that is in between 500-510 pages?


Woah, second book about Martin Luther here! 1 minute, 30 seconds. 🙂


18. Do you have a book that was turned into a movie?

Lots I’m sure! Ok, I picked up this one is 13 seconds. 😉


19. Do you have a graphic novel?

Nope! 😉

20. Do you have a book written by 2 or more authors?


This is a very good book! 😀 28 seconds. 🙂

Whew, I did it! And it was very fun. 🙂 Probably the most fun tag I’ve done in a while. 🙂 My full time was… 14 minutes and 35 seconds! Not toooo bad… 😉 Lol. 😀

I nominate Hattush, and Arianna and Lydia and Ani! And of course, anyone else who wants to steal this tag. 😉 (If you do, tell me and I’d love to see your answers!)

Oh, and also, I wanted to mention one more time about the Q&A my sister Gracie and I are doing here on this blog! If you haven’t asked any questions, or want to ask more, we would really appreciate it! 😀

Use this survey here to submit questions, or ask in the comments! 🙂

Thanks people!

Hope you are all having a wonderful day/night. 🙂




Top Ten Songs Tag!


Note: This is a scheduled post. At the time this will be posted, I and my family will be on a trip to the States. 😉 

I have seen this tag floating around, and I was really hoping someone would tag me for it… So thanks, Abby!!! 😀 I’m excited to answer these questions!! 😀



1. List your top ten songs in answer to the questions
2. Hyperlink the songs if at all possible
3. Tag as many people as you want
4. Feel free to use my graphic or one of your own.
5. Have fun!!

1. What’s a soundtrack song you can’t help but sing along to?

Like, every good song I ever heard. So this is kinda hard to answer. xD Yeah. A lot. Ok, I’ll list a few…

Paid in Full

10,000 Reasons

Behold our God

And, I could go on… 😉

2. What’s a song you love from a genre you don’t?

Ummm…… I really don’t know. 😉

3. What’s a song that makes you cry every time, without fail?

I haven’t heard it yet. ;P

4. What would be your theme song?

Ok, I thought and thought about this one. I finally came to the conclusion that… I don’t have a theme song… 😦  XD

I am really doing horrible at these questions. XD 😂 LOL!

5. What’s a song tied to a good memory?

Count your Blessings. 🙂

6. If you’re a writer, what song best sums up your main character? If you don’t write…song for your favorite book’s main character?

Good question. I’ve never thought about that before.

7. What’s a song you always play on repeat?

It changes, but currently, it’s this. Only a Holy God

8. What’s the most convicting song you’ve heard?

I’ve heard a lot of convicting songs. Here’s one. 🙂 As Long as You are Glorified

9. What song reminds you most of your childhood?

I Love Broccoli. XD ;P I couldn’t find the version I would always listen to on YouTube, but ok… 😉

10. What’s your favorite song?

Impossible question. XD Ok, so I have this playlist on Youtube that has some of my favorite songs. I’ll link you to that! 😉


I tag…

Hattush Reschly

Joshua Swanson

Ariana Evans

Laura Geunot 

Molly G. 


Thanks for reading!

In Christ,

Rosy Joy


Liebster Award #3!!

Liebster Award #3!!

Hey y’all! So, Iv’e been awarded the liebster award for the third time!!! :O 😀 (Actually, I’m pretty sure Iv’e been awarded more times than that, but…) I guess it’s a good thing I like doing these, lol!

Anyway, thanks Faith on the Farm for tagging me! 🙂



Acknowledge the blogger that gave it to you and display the award.

Answer 11 questions that the blogger gave you.

Give 11 random thoughts about yourself.

Nominate 11 other bloggers and notify them of their nominations.

Ask your nominees 11 questions.


What is a way in which you are really passionate about serving God? I.e. a career, a hobby, a ministry.

Singing! (Check out my sister’s and my singing blog here!)

What is your favorite post of all the posts you’ve ever written?

Hmmm… That’s a good question, and I think it would be hard to pick just one. But some of my favorite are:

Goat Rides and… A Water Bottle Hairstyle?

Blog Collab with Ani!

Book Tag and Book Memes +Calculator Trick

Today is National Love Your Red Hair Day!

Who in your life was most instrumental in showing you the WAY in Christ?

Definitely my parents!!! 😀 ❤

What book other than the Bible do you read or have you been reading regularly?

Hmmm… I guess I don’t know exactly what you mean… I mean, I read a book when I want to want a book, but I don’t read it regularly… 😛 Lol.

Who is your favorite non-Bible author?

Maggie Joy. 😀

Who is your favorite Old Testament character?

Hmmm…. I like Job. And Joshua!

What time of day do you usually go to bed?

I go to bed around 9:30, but  I read until 10:00 or 10:30. 🙂

Do you wear glasses or contact lenses at all?

I wear glasses! 🙂 I’m not sure I could stand contact lenses…lol. 😉 XD

Favorite Christian music artist?

Good question.

Do you like spicy food?


How long does it typically take you to write a post?

It depends on the post, lol! Half an hour to an hour, probably. 🙂

11 Random thoughts about myself

This is going to be so hard, because I’ve already done it twice and it will be hard to think of more. And like, all of the sudden I know NOTHING about myself when I’m supposed to say it… Hmmm… :/

  1. I love listening to music.
  2. My favorite books of the Bible are Psalms, Proverbs, and James.
  3. I want to start a photography business someday.
  4. Roses are my favorite flowers.
  5. I like paying games with my friends and siblings.
  6. I have lived in Mexico for 3 years now.
  7. I play piano, guitar, accordion, harmonica, recorder and xylophone.
  8. But I can only play by ear.
  9. I love writing and receiving letters.
  10. I love singing hymns with my sister.
  11. My favorite verse in the Bible is Isaiah 41:10.

Now, time for nominations… I know I won’t be able top think of 11 bloggers who have not already been tagged, but I’ll name a few! 🙂

Abby Rose

Parker Hankins



And I tag Kyra and Brooke to answer the questions in the comments!!!

And whoever else wants to answer the questions in the comments is totally, more than welcome to do so! I’d so love to see your answers! 😀

Note: Please don’t feel pressured to do this, just because I tagged you! 🙂 😉 

My questions

  1. Chocolate. Dark, milk or white?
  2. What color are your eyes?
  3. What’s your favorite book of the Bible?
  4. Favorite flavor of ice cream?
  5. What are you wearing right now?
  6. What foods do you dislike?
  7. Can you juggle?
  8. Chocolate or vanilla?
  9. What was the last thing you ate?
  10. Favorite instrument?
  11. Favorite reptile?
  12. Favorite natural disaster? 😛 

Aaaand, there you have it! 😀 😉

Random piece of randomness

This thing actually works! Like, really… That”s weird! 😛 xD 😀





Get to Know Me Writer’s Tag


alberta amazing attraction banff

Photo by James Wheeler on

I’m super excited about doing this tag, so thanks Anna and Pearl (Or Peranna!) for tagging me!!! 😀 I know it’s been forever since you two tagged me, but I finally getting to it!!! 😉

Oh, and y’all can head over and check out their awesome post, here.

Anyway, here are the rules.


  1. Link back to the person who created the tag: Savannah
  2. Thank the person that tagged you: Pearl and Anna!
  3. Share the tag graphic below: Voila!
  4. Tag 11 other bloggers: at the end of this post. Well, we shall see if I can think of that many bloggers who have not already been tagged… 😉



Name: Rosanna Joy Marr. But, you can call me Rosy… Or anything else you want to call me… I have SO many nicknames, lol. xD

Nickname: Haha, like I said… I have a lot… Let’s see, here are a few. Rose, Toes, Rosy-Posy, Rosyanna, Pollyanna, Rosy-toes, Rosums, and Grossy*, to name a few!

*I know that sounds really strange, and it is… The story behind that, is that my when I was little, my Grandma would get my name mixed up with my sister Gracie’s. And it always turned out to be “Grossy”. Somehow, it stuck among my siblings, lol! 😛


Birthday: November 22, 2003.

Hair Color and Length: I have red hair, and love it! It’s about medium length, though I really want to grow it long.

Eye Color: Depends… 😛 Usually they’re blue, but depending on the day, and what I wearing, they are green and gray, or greenish-gray, or hazel… xD

Braces/Piercings/Tattoos: None of the above!

Righty or Lefty: I’m right handed. 🙂



Novel Written: I have yet to actually write a novel, but I am working on a novelette. (Which will hopefully get finished!!! 😛 )

Novel Completed: Like I said… lol. xD Someday!

Award for Writing: Well, the only one I can think of is winning a short story contest once on Noble Novels a few years ago. 🙂

Publication: None. So far!!!

Conference: None, though I have been to some!

Query/Pitch: No comprendo… Sorry. (Somebody tell me what this talking about!!!) XD



Novel (That You Wrote): N/A

Genre: Definitely historical fiction!!!! 😀 ❤

Authors: Hmmm… Wow… Maggie Joy, Malachi Cyr, Rebekah Jones, Elizabeth George Speare, and Christmas Carol Kaufman.

Writing Music: I like to listen to the Galkin Evangelistic Team, Steve Pettit Evangelistic Team, Coffey Ministries, Greater Vision Quartet, among others!

Time to Write: Usually late at night when I should be in bed, lol… 😛

Writing Snack/Drink: Um, food? Water? 😛 xD

Movie: I like Sargent York a lot… Prince Brat and the Whipping boy.

Childhood Books: Little Jewel Books, the Three Cousin’s detective Club books, Blessings Everywhere,  Dr. Seuss books… 😛 😉

Currently Reading: I’m currently reading the Bible. 😉 Also “Red Sails to Capri” to my siblings. Other than that, nothing at the moment! :-O

Writing: This post, lol! Other than that, multiple stories, and some letters to friends. 😉

Listening to: Behold our God and He who is Mighty. 



Want to be published? Oh yes, totally!!!

Indie or Traditional? I’d probably say Indie, though traditional would also be cool…

Wildest goal? Is it bad that most of my goals aren’t really wild??? 😛 XD

I tag…

Liberty @ Gone in a Dream

Hattush @ Daughters of the Light

Parker @ Pencils and Pianos


Maria @ Middle Mary


And that’s it! That was fun! 😀


P.S. If you read through this whole loooooong wordy post, then…


What about you? What books are you currently reading? Do you have any crazy nicknames? Are you left or right-handed?


50 Things That Make Me Happy


Thank you, Hannah, who sort of unofficially tagged me for this! 😀 I just thought this sounded like a fun way to count my blessing! 🙂


Ok, let’s get started with this thing! This is going to take a bit of thinking, lol!

(These are in no particular order…)

  1. The amazing love of God

2. Good books

3. Music

4. Piano

chair music musical instrument piano

Photo by Pixabay on

5. Accordion

6. Singing

7. Hymns

8. ⬇︎This… ⬇︎

9. ⬇︎This⬇︎

10. ⬇︎And this⬇︎

11. The hope Jesus gives to the world

12. Friends

13. Not math 😛

14. Drawing


15. The seasons

16. Horses

17. Journals

18. Notebooks

19. Writing

20. Photography

21. Movie making and editing

22. Messaging friends in other countries…. (Which is where most of my friends are, with me liking in Mexico!) 😀

23. “Pen-palling” and writing letters. (Did I just make up a word?)

24. Colors

25. Siblings

26. Rainbows

green leafed trees below rainbow

Photo by Egor Kamelev on

27. Rain

28. Babys and childrens

29. Finishing another day of school 😝

30. Good books. again.

31. Family worship

32. Peanuts

33. Sewing

34. Finding evidence for creation

35. And finding proof that evolution is FALSE!

36. Reading aloud to my siblings

37. Cooking

38. Baking

39. Spanish

40. Visiting with friends

41. Spending time in God’s word each morning

42. Stars

scenic view of forest during night time

Photo by Hristo Fidanov on

43. The moon

44. Pretty stamps

45. Mountains

46. Making new friends

47. Finding blessings I didn’t know existed

48. Nighttime gigles with my sister 😋

49. Adult coloring books


50. Reading at night.

Wow, that was a lot of fun, and it didn’t take nearly as much thinking as I thought it would, lol. I am now convinced that I could do another 50… or more… 😁 But, you’re probably bored of this already, so I won’t! 😛

Now, I am going to nominate… (Don’t feel pressured to do this, if you don’t want to!)

Hannah@Crafts of all Seasons

Maria@Middle Mary

Joy@Just Simple True

Well,  I need to go now. I am going to make some healthy homemade marshmallows for my Grandparents when they come! Yum! 😀

Signing off,



What are some things that make you happy? (You could list 3 or 4 or 50 things if you want to… 😉 Do you read at night?

Book Tag and Book Memes +Calculator Trick

Book Tag and Book Memes +Calculator Trick

So, my friend Amie kind of unofficially tagged for this tag. Because… I really wanted to do it!!! 😛 

1. how many books are too many books in a book series?

Hmm.. Well, 300 books in a series is too many. But I have yet to find a book series with that many books, so… Yeah. I’m actually not sure about this one… But more is usually better, unless you have the first book, and don’t have enough money to buy the rest… That’s just plain sad. 😦


2. how do you feel about cliffhangers?

I love them. Except for when they are at the end of a book, and you don’t have the next one. *Cries just thinking about it*

3. hardback or paperback?

Paperback for sure. Hardback is supposed to mean better quality or something,. but paperback is just easier… To hold the book open. 😛


4. favorite book?

Wow. Ouch. No. Too hard. Ok, but two amazing books are The Star Under the City, and The Bronze Bow. Among other, lol. xD

5. least favorite book?

Do I have to have one? Cuz I can’t think of anything at the moment…

6. love triangles, yes or no?

Ummmm……. Huh? 

tenor (2)

7. the most recent book you just couldn’t finish?

I finish most all the books that I start. 😛 😀 

8. a book you’re currently reading?

Currently I’m reading 24 Days Before Christmas out loud to my sisters. 🙂 nothing other that actually. Surprisingly…


9. last book you recommended to someone?

Probably The Star Under the City, or The Bronze Bow, lol!!! xD

10. oldest book you’ve read? (publication date)

I actually do not know about this one… Sorry! I’d like to know myself!

11. newest book you’ve read? (publication date)

The Star Under the City. (Love this book, guys!!!)


12. favorite author?

Maggie Joy, Rebekah Jones, Christmas Carol Kaufman (Don’t ask me why she’s named that!), and Elizabeth George Speare… To name a few… Don’t make me pick just one of them!!! 

13. buying books or borrowing books?

I guess borrowing books, since I don’t really have enough money to buy them… But I really haven’t done much of either… :O 

14. a book you dislike that everyone else seems to love?

I don’t have a ton of books, and most of what I have, I like. Soooooo…..


15. bookmarks or dog-ears?

Both!!!!! If there’s a a piece of paper nearby, I’ll use it as a bookmark. If not. “Sorry book!!!”

16. a book you can always reread?

I reread EVERYTHING!!!!! xD But speaking of, I just have to say that I have read The Star Under the City 5 times. Since it was published early this year. IT’S SO GOOD!!!!!

17. can you read while hearing music?

Of course! I can read through a lot of things… 😛


18. one POV or multiple POVs?

I like multiple POVs. Too many can get confusing, but the story is often more comprehendible with more than one.

19. do you read a book in one sitting or over multiple days?

Depends on the book. I am definitely able to read a book in one sitting, but I don’t generally have that much time anymore, so… :/ 

20. who do you tag?

Hmmm…. YOU!!! Just ask in the comments of you can be tagged, and VOILA! Your’e it!!! Or you can simply answer the questions in the comments, which I would love. 🙂 ❤ 

Welp, that’s the end! That was a LOT of questions to answer! 😛 

And now, on to that cool little trick I promised… 

Step 1. Take a calculator. Don’t use the calculator on your mac computer, because you’re going to need to turn it upside down. (I’ll explain later!) 😛 

Step 2. Punch in the number 0.1134. (That decimal is important, or else the 0 won’t show up.)

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 4.31.45 PM

Step 3. Turn calculator upside down… And behold! Yes, it really hello on it! Cool?

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 4.31.53 PM

Welp, I’d better go now!!! If you read this whole post… Then great job, you’re awesome!!!!! *High five!* 😀

The End,

Rosy 😉 

Let’s Talk!

Can you relate to any of the memes in this post?

Will you try the calculator trick?

And please… Somebody tell me what a triangle is, as stated in question #6!!!

Liebster Award… Again!!!



I don’t know about you, but I like doing tags enough to love doing this one twice! Besides,  it’s new questions to answer! 🙂 So, thanks Amie, for tagging me!

Here are the rules

1. Thank the blog that nominated you for the award
2. Answer the questions they gave you
3. Give 11 fun facts about yourself
4. Nominate 11 other bloggers for the award, and give them 11 questions to answer

So, here are Amie’s questions, and my answers. 😀

History book or Science book?  Why?

I’d say history book. It’s just really fun learning about… Um, history. But science is cool too…

What is better, having to color all day, or having to wash dishes all day?

Ooh. Ow. Hm. That’s hard. I suppose color all day. ONLY IF IT’S AN ADULT COLORING BOOK! If it’s not, then I’d say wash dishes. :O

Do you use caps lock often?


Lace, ruffles, or camouflage?

Definitely camouflage. 😀 I like wearing it. 😉

What is you opinion on the all time classic, Pride and Prejudice? 36677620

Do I have to have an opinion??? Especially cuz I haven’t actually read it. But I have read Presumption and Partiality by my friend Rebekah Jones.

Botany or astronomy?

Astronomy, for sure!!!

If you had to choose a broken finger, or a broken toe, which would you chose?

Yikes. Um, neither…. But since I have to choose… Probably a broken toe.

What is your favorite hair color?

My hair color- RED! Red hair is the best! 😀

Do you enjoy crafting or destroying better?


What is your favorite kind of tape?

Scotch tape has always been a life saver for me, and washi tape is super fun to use. I’d say those two are my favorites.

Lastly, if you knew some horrid event was about to happen in the near future, how would you go about warning people?

Hm… I’d probably post it on my blog, email all my contacts, and ask my mom and dad to post about it on Facebook… Actually I’d probably just tell my parents and let them deal with it… ;P

And now for some 11 random fun facts about me. I’ll try not to overlap on the facts I wrote last time

  1. Right now, I am listening to He’s a Pirate from Pirates of the Caribbean. (If you haven’t ever heard of that, go look it up. It’s SOOO good!!! I am only recommending the song, not the movie!)
  2. I am 5′ 7” 3/4 tall.
  3. Right now I am wearing a blue and white floral dress that my friend made. 😀 ❤
  4. I slept outside in a hammock for the first time last month with a friend. (The same friend in #3!)
  5. I love doing my sister’s hair.
  6. I am always listening to music… (Well, almost… ;))
  7. I have lived in 9 different houses in my life.
  8. My birthday is on Thanksgiving this year, and I’m turning 15! 😀
  9. I am having a hard time thinking of more facts…
  10. I always put a LOT of salt in my food. (Hey, salt goes in EVERYTHING, right?)
  11. I enjoy journaling. But not just plain old, write everything down journaling… More like scrapbook, or smashbook journaling!

And now… Time to brainstorm about who to nominate. (All of which, have probably already been nominated at one point or another…) Don’t feel pressured to do this, just cuz I nominated you!!! 🙂

  1. Gaby H.

2. Elijah H. 

3. Amie (Right back at you, girl! ;P)

4. Laura (From Flowers in my Basket)

5. Laura again (From Beautiful Things)

6. Hannah

7. Maddy

8. And I

9. Can’t think

10. of

11. Anyone else to tag right now. Of course, though, you’re always tagged! Answer the questions in the comments! I’d love to see what you say!

My questions for you…

  1. How did you pick your blog’s name? (If you have a blog.)
  2. Describe yourself in three words
  3. Now, ask a family member to describe you in three words and see what the difference is!
  4. What your favorite blog post you’ve written?
  5. Is the glass half full or half empty?
  6. Favorite holiday?
  7. Top three favorite books?
  8. How many of the U.S. states have you been to?
  9. Have you ever been to another country?
  10. Describe your surroundings.
  11. Do you like answering tags?

Well, that’s about it for now! 😀

I hope you all are having a wonderful day today. 🙂

Fair thee well,

Rosy =D

P.S. And guys, spell check is still trying to change Liebster Award to Lobster award… (Who want a lobster award??? Well, maybe if you’re a fisherman or something…) 😉





Hello September Tag


A couple months ago, my dear friend Liberty tagged me for this super cool tag. Thank you Liberty! (Ya’ll can just head on over to Liberty’s blog, and check out her awesome answers to this tag!)

I am so sorry that it took me a little while to get around to this. By now, we are saying hello to November! (Shocking, I know… It feels like 2018 should still be brand new…)

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 11.46.12 AM

So, here are the rules.

~Please copy the questions below, answer them, and then write out your new questions (or you can even copy these) for the people you nominate below your answered questions.
~Please nominate at least three bloggers, but try to avoid ones that you know have already been tagged.
~Lastly, include these guidelines in your post, and use the tag picture!

Liberty’s Questions

What’s your favorite thing to do in the Fall? 

Hmmm… I like to take pictures of all the fall-y looking things. And it’s also super fun to curl up in bed, all warm and cozy, with a book… 😀

Do you prefer sparkling apple cider, or hot apple cider? 

That’s hard… I like them both a lot… But, I guess I’d have to say I’d prefer the sparkling apple cider! Yum!

What are you looking forward to most about this Fall? 

Probably the three person birthday party we are doing in November. My sister Gracie, brother Philip, and I all have birthdays within a 12 day radios, so we are celebrating them together. 🙂

Does your family have any birthdays this Fall(you don’t have to be descriptive)?

Yup! As I mentioned before, our family has three birthdays in November! (I’m gonna be 15!!! 👏😎🎊🎁🎉) Ahem…

Sweater or hoodie?

I’m pretty sure I’d say hoodie, though I haven’t completely chosen which is my definite favorite yet.

Cookies or pie? 

It really depends on which kind of cookie, and which kind of pie. But probably pie!

What’s your favorite type of pie?

I’d say Pumpkin!!! 😀 ❤ But I also love apple pie, cherry pie, pecan pie, meat pie, and just about any other kind of pie… xD

Well, that’s it! I’m not going to tag anyone, since… well… this is a Hello September tag, and September was a while ago… But you guys can totally feel free to copy and paste the above questions, and answer them in the comments. In fact, I’d really love to see your answers!

Thanks for reading, and thanks again, Liberty, for tagging!