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My 17th Birthday!


Hey everyone!

Today we celebrated my 17th birthday!!! Technically my birthday isn’t until tomorrow, but since tomorrow is Sunday and were busy all day, we decided to celebrate the day before. (You won’t catch me complaining!) 😂 😜

For my birthday meal, I had chicken nuggets, fried potatoes, salad and garlic bread.


And for dessert….. We had homemade ice cream (which I made, by the way 😁) And guys. It tasted better than store bought ice cream! Like, seriously. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but it was amazing! 😋 😂

We had a bunch of toppings on top, such as chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce and caramel sauce (which I also made), blueberries, pecans and sprinkles. AND. The only thing that had any sugar was the sprinkles. 😀

It was all really good. It’s been 4 and a half hours, and I’m still full…! 😂

The whole family (except for me) at the table. 😀
This picture was taken at the same time as the picture above it, just from a different angle! 😂
All of my siblings and I! ❤
Several of my siblings and I 😀

Thanks to my family for an awesome birthday!!!!! It was a blast!

And um… It’s kind, really hard to believe I’m 17….! 😂 (Well, as of tomorrow) 😉 Like how am I thought old?! 👵🏻 I don’t feel that old… Maybe that’s because I haven’t had my actual birthday yet! 🤣 Maybe I’ll wake up tomorrow feeling different. XD Lol!!

Well, I’m signing off for now! Hope y’all are having a great day, aaaaand… happy birthday to me. 😜 😂 😁 👋