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Answering Your Assumptions Part 2

Answering Your Assumptions Part 2

Hey everyone! Are you ready for part two of me answering your assumptions? I hope so, because I am! ;P : D


You read the KJV, but you are fine with other translations.

I usually read NKJV, NAS or ESV. 🙂 

You like blogging.

I do enjoy it!

You think the Corona stuff is a bit crazy.

Yes, even though Corona is serious, I think many people have gone a bit too crazy over it.

You like living so far but so close to the US.

I’d prefer to live closer, but I’m glad we don’t like farther than we do!



You come from a big extended family (mainly on your mom’s side)

True! My mom has 9 siblings, and my dad has 6. 😀

You like jalapenos and other spicy foods

Usually yes, but not TOO spicy! 😉

You hate bees and hornets, and all related pests.

I don’t HATE them, but I don’t love them either. XD

You like cooking, but don’t do too much of it.

I love cooking, but yes, I don’t really do a ton of it.



Your favorite color is blue…

My favorite color is turquoise, which is like blue!

You’re scared of snakes…

Not scared, but I don’t want to get bitten by anything other than a garter snake XD (I love garter snakes!)

You love spicy foods…


One of your favorite foods is fajitas…

I do like them, but i don’t have them very often.

You like dogs better than you like cats…




I assume you have a lot of energy

I also think of myself as having a lot of energy, although I have been very tired lately. I was definitely an energetic child!



You love photography and music.


You’re tall for your age.

I was when I was like 13 and 14.

Hymns are your favorite music genre.

One of them, yes!

You enjoy dresses but love skirts more.

That’s actually VERY true…. XD

You would prefer to read over listen to music. You love both though!

I can’t decide. XD

You would prefer to write letters over email.


Even though you have red hair, you don’t have a bad temper.

Haha, yeah I’d say that’s true…. ;P

You really enjoy deserts!

Of course! 😀


Hope Rose

You are cheerful most of the time.

I try to be!

You like to wear shirts with words.

Yeah, I do.

You prefer to wear your hair up than down.


You like hot weather.

No, not really.

You like sunsets.


You do photography more than painting.

I go through spurts! XD



You like sucking limes

I do that sometimes, lol. XD

You like reading stories but you’re not very good at writing any.

Sadly true… XD

You like pineapples

I do, except they hurt my tongue! ;P

Your name is Rosanna.

Yes! 😀

And there you have it! Those are all the assumptions I received. THANK YOU so much to everyone who commented with their assumptions about me. I seriously had a blast reading and answering them.

I hope everyone is having a great day!

Rosy ❤ 


My brother James and I! ❤ 





Answering Your Assumptions Part 1

Answering Your Assumptions Part 1

Hey guys! 😀

A few days ago I asked everyone to comment on their assumptions about me. I got quite a few, and I’m really excited to answer them for you guys! We’ll see if I get this done in one post, or if I have to split it up and two parts. 😉 Let’s get started!!! 😀


You love tacos


You love reading other blogs

I love reading my friend’s blogs!

Your fav color is red

My favorite color is actually turquoise/teal! 😀

You’re scared of spiders

Not really. I mean, I wouldn’t want a black widow crawling on my of course, but yeah XD


You want to have a ton of kids.

A ton equals 2,000 pounds…. 2,000 pounds worth of kids, is quite a few. lol! XD But seriously, I’m not sure how many kids I want… I’ll take as many as God gives me! 🙂

You enjoy traveling in a car.

Sometimes, yes. It’s kind of rough when we’re driving several days straight (XD), but it can be enjoyable! 😀

You love snow.

If snow wasn’t so cold, I would LOVE! As it is, I like it a lot. 😂


Your favorite color is orange or blue

*See above answer* ;P 😁

You like cooking

I do!

Your favorite flower is a rose

YESS!! 🌹


Your favorite dessert is ice cream

Oh yeah! 🍦😋

You like the flavor of elderberry syrup

I don’t LOVE it, but it’s fine! 😉


You’re super outgoing!!

Sometimes I am! ;P

Love horses!

My favorite animal is probably horses. 😁🐴

Love to make new friends!!

I do!!


You have mostly sisters

Yes, most of my siblings are sisters. 🙂

You enjoy cooler weather

Oh yeah, cool is so much better than hot!

You really like your hair color

I do!

You like to sew

I usually do. (At least, when everything is working out how I want it to!) XD


You like dogs

I’m not a huge fan of dogs, but they’re fine. 🙂

You prefer long hair over short hair

I like the looks of long hair better, but short hair is easier to deal with… XD I usually just have medium. 🙂

Your favorite subject in school is history

Yes, it (usually XD) is! 🙂

You read more nonfiction than fiction

I often go through spurts where I read more fiction or nonfiction.


You are a tomboy

Sometimes, yes. XD

You love little kids


You love long books

The longer the better! ;P

Breakfast is your least favorite meal of the day

Haha, yeah…. XD

You are a night owl

I am!

You love nature

I do really like nature. 😀


You are an early bird.

Nope! Night owl, for sure! XD

You wear skirts and enjoy feeling feminine but can get into something tomboyish.

Yeah, that is often true, lol.

You’re more artsy than technical.

Yes, haha!


You love listening to music, especially hymns, and your favorite instrument to listen to is the piano. 

Yes, those are correct!

You enjoy hair styling.

Yes, I enjoy doing my sister’s hair. 🙂

You’re a huge fan of receiving/sending snail mail. 

YES!!! 😀

You’re a proud big sister who shares a bedroom with a couple of her siblings. xD

Haha, if a couple = 5, then yes! ;P 😀


I assume you like traveling 

I do!

I assume you shed a bedroom with Gracie!

I share a bed with Gracie, and a room with all 5 of my sisters. 😀


Alright, I think I’m going to end there for this post. Stay tuned for part two before too long! Thank you SO much to every one who sent me their assumptions. I really enjoyed answering them!!! 😀

I hope everyone is having a great day. 🙂

Rosy ❤