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An Explosive Day

An Explosive Day

Hey everyone! Today I have a story to tell… XD 😀

So I had something crazy happen to me…

Before I start this story, you must know that we have a gas oven. So, to light the oven, we have to turn on the gas, and then push a button to light the spark, and voila. Ok, now back to the story.

It all began one Saturday afternoon. I was just walking around, minding my own business. I walked into the kitchen to heat something up. I turned on the gas, but when I lit the spark…..


One of the kids had turned the gas on, and left it. Quite a bit of gas had leaked into the air, so when I lit the spark, it exploded.

It was so loud, my ears were ringing, and it gave me headache. Kids came running from all over the house, and outside to see what happened.

The rest of the family said that they could feel the air shake in other rooms! A door several rooms away was blown open with a bang!

As for me, I was thrown across the kitchen (Which wasn’t very far. only a couple of feet XD), and the pressure hit my leg, where it ached for quite a while. I was quite shaken up.

As for the oven….. Well, the door flew open, and the sides of the oven were blown out. Pieces of the insulation were blown everywhere. Poor thing… XD

I am very thankful that it wasn’t as bad as it could have been, had the gas ben left on longer. It was quite an experience, lol.

Well, at least it’s a fun story to tell… 😂


P.s. I had the hardest time thinking of a title for this post. These are some of the ideas my friend Kyra and I came up with.

Please choose one or two of your favorites, comment them down below, and later I’ll edit the most popular ones into the title! 😀 XD

  1. “The Heat of the Day”

2. “An Explosive Day”

3. “BAM”

4. “💥💥💥”

5. “Something Crazy Happened”

6. “Shaken up”

7. “The Gas that got Away”

8. “Struck back”

9. “Insulation Devastation”

10. “Explosion of the Day”