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A Visit with Friends


Hey everyone! 😀

Yesterday we went to visit some friends we haven’t seen since earlier this year. 🙂 In fact, here’s a blog post I wrote about last time we visited them! We had a very good time with them. 🙂

We brought and roasted hot dogs for lunch, which was fun!

Roasting Hot Dogs
The moms (and Gracie) talking.
A few of the little kids 😀

We got to ride horses! It was my first time really riding a horse. It was a blast!! (Yes, I woke up in the morning extremely sore, but… WORTH IT!) 😁 😂

We all enjoyed our time very much! 😀 And we got very sunburned! 😜 😂 (Again, worth it!) I’m very glad that we were able to go. 🙂

Rosy 🌹

Recent and Not-So-Recent Art

Recent and Not-So-Recent Art

A friend requested that I do a post about my drawings, and I was kind of inspired to actually do it when I saw Amie’s post, here. So, consequently, you are going to be forced  to get to see some of my recent, and not-so-recent drawings! 😀

We’ll start with my not-so-recent drawings. These were done several years ago, back when we lived in Arizona.


The pilgrims. I think… 😉


A dolphin!


This boy is either praying… or he really does not like whatever is in his bowl.

And then I improved a bit… (These are mostly after we moved to Mexico three years ago.)


This one was supposed to be my dad preaching. It doesn’t really look much like him, lol…


And it was only recently that I got serious about drawing… Here is some of my most recent art. 🙂


An interesting looking chipmunk


A praying mantis


Some random hand lettering I did. I really want to practice and get better at this!


This was going to be a bald eagle… But it turned out to be a seagull instead, lol!

These last three are all my favorites!!! 😀


A ship. (Since you probably couldn’t tell… 😛 )


I love this one! 😀 ❤ 

Last, but not least, is my so-far, absolute favorite! It’s still a WIP though. 🙂 I’m really loving how this is turning out! Besides, it’s horses!!! 😀



Aaaaand, there you have it!

Have a great rest of the day! (Or if you live in Australia, night!) 😀

Rosy 🙂

Which picture was your favorite? Do you like to draw? Does anyone else dislike the new WordPress editor? I just can’t figure out these block things! 😛 

Our Visit to Our Grandparents House


About a week ago we packed up and climbed into the van at five in the morning to go visit our Grandparents, Uncles, and Aunts, who also live in Mexico! After about day of driving, we finally Arrived! Happily we all climbed out of the van to go meet them! Here are some of the thing that happened during our stay there.


They live up in the mountains and the view was very pretty!

My uncle (who is 13) is really good with Horses! We went horse back riding! Horse are my favorite Animal! 

Wee Hah!

My Uncle riding his Horse!

      My Uncle riding his Horse!


For supper we had Sushi and crab salad! I helped make the Sushi! It was pretty fun to make!




    Crab salad

On our way back home, I took a pretty picture of the sunset!


 The Sunset


We had a very fun time!