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Affordable Gift Ideas for Teen Girls (Christmas 2020)


Hey everyone!

Do you ever have a hard time figuring out what you get your friends or siblings for Christmas? (Or birthdays could apply as well.) Um, I do… *Gulp*

In this post, there are going to be 4 categories.

1. Gifts 20 Dollars and Under

2. Gifts 10 Dollars and Under

3. Gifts 5 Dollars and Under

4. DIY and Handmade Gifts

Let’s get started!!!

Gifts $20 and Under

  1.  Washi Tape Set, 28 Rolls ($14.99)
  2. 60 Bible Verses Flower Bookmarks ($12.90)
  3. Winsor & Newton Watercolor Paint, 12 Colors ($18.87)
  4. Sakura Pigma Micron Pen set, 8 sizes ($15.79)
  5. Sunflower T Shirt ($15.98)
  6. Gradient Water Bottle ($15.99)

Gifts $10 and Under

  1. Prayer Journal ($6.99)
  2. Fountain Pen ($7.99)
  3. PILOT Precise V5 Rolling Ball Pens ($5.97)
  4. Book Light ($9.99)
  5. Photo Display ($9.42)
  6. Choose Joy Mug ($6.99)

Gifts $5 and Under

  1. Dover Sticker Books ($1.99 each) Flowers, Roses, Butterflies
  2. Metal 6 Inch Ruler ($3.99)
  3. Scrapbooking Stickers Set (5.99)
  4. Mini Composition Books, 3 Pack ($4.50)

DIY Gift Ideas

  1. Quilted Pillow Cases (I once made these for each of my sisters)
  2. Saltine Cracker Candy. (I may do this for my siblings this year… Shhh!!! 🤫 😁
  3. Cookies
  4. Hot Chocolate mix
  5. A piece of art work
  6. Homemade card set
  7. Crocheted/knitted pot holders
  8. Handmade jewelry
  9. Notebook Cover
  10. Framed Bible Verse or Quote

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and that is was helpful to you!!! I hope everyone is having a great Christmas Season.


Do you guys have any tips one frugal gifts, or DIY gifts for this Christmas?

70+ Things to Do While on Quarantine


(And no, you don’t have to do them all.) 😉

Hey guys! Sorry for the super unoriginal title. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it multiple times before.  Oh well. XD

So. Here are 70+ and one things to on while on quarantine! Thanks to my sisters Gracie and Lizzie, and my friend Kyra, for helping me think of some of these! 😀

Some of these are obvious, and some not so much. There are ideas for everyone here! (You know what, I’m going to underline my favorites, so you’ll know which ones to be sure to try! ;P ) Lol.


-Do art 

Read a new book

-Play in the hose 

-Go on a walk

-Get ahead on school

-Try washing your own clothes by hand

-Make a movie

-Organize your stuff

-Learn to knit or crochet

-Learn a new song

-Memorize Bible passages 

-Write poems/stories

-Cook a meal for your family

-Focus on drinking lots of water 

-Paint or Draw 



-Write letters to friends

shallow focus photo of mail envelope on newspaper

-Eat Food. (Obviously) XD ;p

-Read aloud to your siblings

-Listen to audio books/dramas

-Sew something

Video call friends

-Listen to sermons


-Watch a movie

-Climb a tree

-Make cookies

-Learn how to do a cartwheel

-Practice handwriting

-Organize and declutter your clothes

-Make friendship bracelets

adult affection beads blur


-Think of fun things to do when you’re bored XD

-Make Popcorn

-Make healthy marshmallows!!

-Make slime

-Email friends

-Decorate your room

-Make jewelry

-Make stickers

-Pick a room of the house, and clean it!

-Make lemonade

-Plant flowers

-Make bookmarks

-Write your name 100 times on a piece of paper

-Go to bed early

-Finish something you started

-Start a thankful journal

-Have a picnic

-Start a blog

-Play (or learn to play) an instrument)

-Learn hand-lettering

brown paper with text

-Pay games with siblings

-Color adult coloring pages

-Try drawing your own portrait

-Get better at something (Photography, art, writing, etc…)

-Play with legos

-Learn Pig Latin

-Go bird watching

-Do typing tests 

-Get extra sleep

-Do a crossword puzzle

-Clean your fridge

-Spend some time with siblings

-Draw with chalk

-Sit and do nothing. (Wait, WHAT?!)


-Learn how to say a word in 10 different languages

-Play outside

-Take pictures

And, last one…

-Do at least five of the ideas in this post! ;P

Welp, that’s it!! Hope this post was entertaining, and that it was inspiring for you!

~Rosy ❤ 

What have you been doing on quarantine? What were your favorite ideas on this list? 🙂