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James’ Birthday!!!


Yesterday was my brother, James’, 4th birthday! 😀

He is such a precious boy, and I love him so much!! ❤ It’s so hard to believe it’s been 4 years since he was born.

2020-07-17 (5)

The dessert he picked was chocolate chip cookies and ice cream! 😋

2020-07-17 (4)

Smile!! XD

Opening gifts

2020-07-17 (1)

For his birthday,  I made a piñata, and he helped me paint it. 🙂 😁



Putting up the piñata

James and I

I love this picture! ❤️💖

Pinata (1)

Pinata (5)

Philip, ferociously attacking the piñata! 😅😂


Piñata hat XD (LOVE THIS KID!) 

Pinata (4)

We had an awesome time! 😀



P.S. Comment below if you think James is one of the cutest kids you’ve ever seen. 😜😂😍❤️

P.S.S If you haven’t seen it yet, check out my last post, What are your Assumptions?. If you haven’t added your assumptions yet, I’d love if you did! 😀 


Little Brother Photoshoot


Hey guys! So, I know I haven’t done very many photography posts lately, but that’s because I honestly haven’t been taking very many pictures for a while. It’s because I’ve had… well, what you might call the photographers’ version of Writer’s Block. So Photographer’s Block I guess. XD um, is that a real thing? xD It should be.

Anyway, thankfully I’m getting over that now. So a few days ago I did a photoshoot of my adorable little brother James, and I love how it turned out! He is THE cutest, bestest, sweetest little bro anyone could ask for. ❤ ❤

James, 2019, 3

Those eyes! ❤

James, 2019, 8


James, 2019, 15

I love his face in this one!

James, August 19, 2

He was laughing at his brother Philip, who was in the tree. 😉

James, 2019, 19

James, August 19, 1


James, 2019, 17

James, 2019, 6

James, 2019, 11. jpg

He looks like he’s thinking really hard about something.

James, 2019, 16


James, 2019, 4

This smile is sooo great!

James, 2019, 13

James, 2019, 14


James, 2019, 10

Love this kid so much! ❤ 

James, 2019, 18

James, 2019, 7

James, 2019, 9

Aaaaah, his blue eyes!!!!

Bonus picture:

So, during the photoshoot, I asked James to reach up into the apple tree, and pretend he was picking an apple. I did that, and Philip said, “Take a picture of me doing that!” So he reached up into the tree to pretend to pick an apple, but the apple accidentally came down in his hand. We weren’t technically supposed to pick any apple yet since they weren’t ripe, and this was his face. XD XD


HAHA, isn’t that epic? XD

James and I had such fun with this photoshoot. He’s the best. ❤ So are all my siblings. 😉 ❤

Also, Gracie and I finally took the video for our Q&A. Sorry we took so long. More on that in the video. 😉 I can’t wait to get that finished and edited so I can post it soon! 🙂

Hope you all are having a wonderful day!


Which picture was your favorite?

Do you have an adorable little brother? ;P 

A Rambling Post


Hello people! I have nothing else to do at the moment, and it’s been 5 days since I’ve posted, so… I’m sitting here. Typing this. For you. To read. ;P 😅

Please forgive any strangeness in this post, because I am tired. Like, tired. That might have something to do with 1) I went to bed pretty late last night. 2) I am potty training my brother James, starting today. (I’m practicing to be a mother someday y’all!) Lol.

So yeah, today has been a whirlwind. And he actually made it to the toilet like, one whole time! (I won’t mention the other dozen or so times…) Lol. But, he’s making progress! Slowly, but surely. 😉  ❤


In other news…. Oh, I should totally tell you about last Sunday! It was a great time!

So, we had our first Domingo Largo (Long Sunday) on the 28th. We started at about 11:00 in the morning. Dad preached a sermon, then everyone ate lunch together. After that, we played lots of volleyball, which was fun! Then Heber, (a man in our church) preached another message. After that, we played more volleyball, then some soccer. We had a great time visiting too. ❤ It was a wonderful day! 🙂

Ok, I’ll upload some pictures for ya. Just a second… 😉

Ok, here. 🙂


This is Maria, and her baby girl, Damaris

2019-07-29 (5)

Philip and I! ❤ 

2019-07-29 (8)

Sitting around, and reading the Bible ❤ 

It was an awesome day! (Except for the fact that I’m sunburned and look like a tomato… XD 🍅🍅🍅) Lol.

Ok, I have to go soon. 🙂 First, here’s a song that I’ve been enjoying lately. (I’m actually listening to it right now, but by the time you see this, I probably won’t be…) 😂

Also, I read this verse in my Bible a couple days ago, and it has been on my mind ever since. How encouraging!


Ok, gotta go! Thanks for reading my late night ramblings people! (And excuse any typos…)

Have a great night everyone! 🙂🙃

Because He lives,


Happy Birthday, James!


Yesterday was the birthday of my youngest brother, James! I can’t believe my little boy is three now! 😮 😳😍 He’s still supposed to be a baby! I asked him not to grow up, but he didn’t listen to me… Oh well. 😂

James Jonathan Marr was born on July 17, 2016… 🙂


James, soon after he was born. Look at those eyes!! ❤



Haha! XD


So sweet! ❤


Happy boy!



Something didn’t happen quite how he wanted here!



Eating makes you tired…


Caught red-handed! (Eating raisins) 😉



Muddy boy! XD




What healthy food choices! ;P


Washing dishes together! 😀


Love that spiked hair!


So handsome!


This was taken on his birthday yesterday. 🙂 He’s trying to make three on his fingers.

His siblings loaded him up with lots of gifts and presents from their drawers. 🙂 ❤


2019-07-17 (1)

2019-07-17 (2)

(Woah, I posted way more pictures than I meant to… They were all so cute, I had to share them, lol! XD) ❤ 

Happy birthday, James! I love you very much, even if you are going to be taller than me someday! XD ❤





A Condensed version of the Month of April


Hi everyone! April has been busy, fun and… Hmm, what else? Musical!!! My sister Gracie and I made four whole song videos all of which will probably make their way here, one by one eventually. There was several beautiful sunsets, and I took tons of silhouettes with my siblings. But those will be in another post by themselves later (cuz there are so many of them, lol!)


A few of the sunsets



And even a sunrise!!! (I don’t usually get to take pics of those. You can probably guess why!😛)

Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at 3.27.14 PM

I decided to post just one of the silhouettes on the post. I just grabbed a few of my siblings, and shot them real quick. (With the camera, of course! 😀)


The moon


Aww! Little sister, Susy.



My absolutely adorable brother Philip!


And this is one of my favorite pictures of James. Isn’t he so, so cute?


Some pictures from my sister Gracie’s photoshoot that I did for her.


My Dad, preaching.


Me, playing around with iMovie… 😂

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 4.02.12 PM

My younger sisters, Gracie (13), Lizzie (10), and I, singing at a Mennonite church while Dad plays the guitar.

Well, that’s about it for this month. We also have a stray kitten that our dog Velvet brought in from somewhere. My siblings are having a blast taking care of it.

Oh, and also, I made a video for family camp! I didn’t get it done until just now, so that’s why I didn’t post it her until now. Here it is!


Well, until next time!




A Condensed Version of the Month of January


Here is a basic review, made up of mostly pictures, of the month of January at the Marr household.


I got to capture quite a few cool sunsets this month on my camera.


And some pictures of the moon. Taking good pictures of the moon is really hard! You’d know, if you’ve ever tried.


A lot of hair cutting, too. I got to cut my little sisters bangs and Mom cut my hair shorter. I really like the new look!


Little James is growing up so much! Here he is, wrestling with big brother Philip.


And of few other cute pics of him.


I have been enjoying learning to drive a lot.



Visiting after church

Over the several days, I have made three different flavors of marshmallows, each a double batch. And, just so you know, we don’t usually make marshmallows nearly so often, but we were going to have our Grandparents over. Unfortunately, they were’t able to make it, so now we have a lot of marshmallows in the house. The flavors I made were, in order from right to left, chocolate covered cherrie, eggnog and chocolate peppermint. Now you may be thinking how strange eggnog might taste. I was thinking that too, while I was making them, but they turned out better than I expected they would. (There is not actually any eggs in them, BTW. It’s just regular marshmallows with cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice in them.)


Well, that’s pretty much it for this month.


P.S. I would love to hear from you in the comments!




Recent Happenings




Last Sunday was our church’s first anniversary! We got a church picture. (Note: Not all the people were there that Sunday.)

2016-12-07-16-31-56 2016-12-07-16-32-00


James is growing up!!!



7 in a Row! James and I aren’t in this photo, because James was not even born yet, and I was standing on top of the dresser, taking the picture.  Sorry Ruthie’s face is blurry!


James is sitting up!!


Orange moon!  Note: The line across the moon the electric line.


I got to take Mom’s and Dad’s Valentines Day picture!





Pictures of Susy


This picture was taken a long time ago, but it was so cute, I had to post it!




Pictures of Ruthie


Philip naming each letter, as he goes through the stack. 


Philip on a walk. Barefoot!


Carrying our totally demolished trampoline back home, after a severe wind storm!


Lizzie and Andy looking at a book.


Mom reading a book to the Ruthie, Philip, and Susy. I love how they are both pointing to the same picture at the same time!


James is always passed around at church!


Reading a book.


Lizzie doing school, Chipi and Rebekah, coloring.

That’s all that I’ve got for now! Hope you enjoyed!!


Philip and James




Me helping Philip hold James… Aren’t they cute!?!

James arrives home 008



Here he is with Susy

Here he is with Susy


“Washing” dishes.

“Washing” dishes.

Taking a nap with Ruthie. Cute!

Taking a nap with Ruthie. Cute!


Reading a book. Or rather, looking at it..

Reading a book. Or rather, looking at it..

Okay, Philip looks a bit,um, odd, in this picture...

Okay, Philip looks a bit,um, odd, in this picture…

“Hi their!"

“Hi their!”


He is so cute!



Lots to see.

Lots to see!

All the Happenings


I am sorry that I haven’t been around much, but I plan to start posting way more often!



Little James is growing so fast!


And he is so cute!!! And we also decided on a middle name!

James Jonathan Marr.


Here I am helping Philip hold James.


Philip again…😄


Philip washing dishes.



Taking a nap together


And we got a dog.


She is a really pretty Doberman.

And here is Susy, like really happy… Not…


Now here’s one where she really is happy. (This picture was taken a few months ago.)


A picture Gracie took of me just as I was getting over Chicken Pox…😞


Well, I have to go now! BTW, I am planning to post a cooking video I made soon!

Until next time!

Screenshot 2016-05-19 16.33.35