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Random Post #2


Hey y’all! Are you ready for another random post? Everyone seemed to like my last one, sooo… 🙂 😉

First off, the church building project is going so well! Praise God!!!





It’s so exciting that this is actually happening! God is so good.

Random Selfies with kiddos

I love taking pictures with my favorite children! 😀 ❤ ❤

Meanwhile I’ve been reading this awesome book.


And this awesomer book… 😉


Welp. I’m off to go on a picnic for lunch with a couple of my sisters, Gracie and Lizzie. I’m looking forward to it! Maybe I’ll post about it later. 🙂

Before I leave… 😛

I have a RPOR for you. (A friend came up with that abbreviation for a Random piece of randomness, and I liked it, sooo… 😉 Thanks girl! 😀 )

What’s your medieval name? Mine is Clarice Buxton, lol. XD

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In Christ,

Rosy ❤