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3 Days, 3 Quotes Tag – Day Three – Redo


“To trust God in the light is nothing, but trust him in the dark-that is faith.”

~Charles Spurgeon

I nominate…

Anna @A Story Nerd’s Life

Amie @Crazy A

Malachi @Brainstorms with Rain

Thanks for tagging me Hattush, this was fun! 🙂

Ok, so for those of you who are wondering why I posted the last day of this tag twice, and for you who are wondering why I’m so late in posting this, I decided to redo my last post.

After I posted my last blog post (3 Days, 3 Quotes – Day Three) I realized that some of the people I quoted did not reflect a biblical worldview, so I decided to delete that one, and completely redo it. I’m so sorry, and I apologize for any confusion I caused. Thank you!

I hope everyone is having a great Lord’s Day.


3 Days, 3 Quotes Tag – Day Two

3 Days, 3 Quotes Tag – Day Two

Thanks again for this tag, Hattush!!! 😀 ❤ 😉

“Man says… Show me, and I’ll trust you. God says… Trust me, and I’ll show you.”

~By I-Have-No-Clue-Who….

I love that quote!

And I nominate…

Molly @A Sparkle of Light

Liberty @Gone in a Dream

Maggie @The Poet Under the Sidewalk

Stay tuned for the last day of this tag tomorrow! 😀

3 Days, 3 Quotes Tag – Day One

3 Days, 3 Quotes Tag – Day One

Hiya! My friend, Hattush, tagged me for this really awesome looking tag. Thanks girl!! ❤ 😀 I’m looking forward to doing it! 🙂 This is going to be hard to just chose three quotes though, lol!


• Thank the person who nominated you

• Post a quote for 3 consecutive days (1 quote for each day)

• Nominate three new bloggers each day

Prayer will make a man cease from sin, or sin will make a man cease from prayer.

~John Bunyan

I nominate…

Elle @Elle’s Everyday 

Layla @Layla Writes

Elijah @Christian Books for Christ the King

I’ll be back tomorrow with another quote! 🙂

Birthday, Baptism, and Border Trip. (And More!)


Hi everyone! I have a big long post for you today, so beware. 😉 XD

Hey, I just realized I could call this post The Three B’s for short… XD 😂🤣😜

Anyway…! 🙃

We had a really busy and exciting two weeks during my media fast. One of the first things that happened was the birthday party of my friend, Karen. She turned 15. In Mexico, when a girl turns 15 she’s basically considered an adult and eligible for marriage. (Wow, that’s crazy isn’t it??? I can’t even imagine… XD) Anyway, she asked me to take pictures at the party for her. Which I did, and enjoyed doing! 😉 😀

Here are a few of them… 🙂



I LOVE this picture!!! 😀 ❤ The girl’s names are Maria and Rebekah.


My friend, Karen, and I. ❤

There was also a piñata for the kids, although the adults joined in some too. I did not get any good picture of that since it was night, but here’s something from my Dad’s phone… Terrible picture, but it’ll do… 😉


And, in other, really exciting news, we had our first baptism at the church we’re planting here in Mexico!! 😀 It was a man named Alejandro (Alexander), and it’s been so awesome to see God working in his, and his wife’s, life. Praise the Lord!!! He is so good.

Here’s a slideshow I put together with the pictures I took during church last Sunday, the Baptism, and the meal afterwards. (Not to mention the water fight that was bound to happen when you have kids and young adults standing around with nothing much else to do… XD ) It was a great time. 😀

The day before yesterday my Dad, Philip, Bekah and I took a trip up to the El Paso, Texas to get our mail, and get some supplies. This time we planned on making it there and back in one day! 😀 Usually we have to stay a night in a hotel.

We got up at 3:00 and left at 3:30 am. We drove for a few hours until we got to a small town to get breakfast. We got food for all four of us, for the equivalent of $3.50 US dollars. We had to laugh about how much food for us all would have costed in the States, and how different Mexico and the States are from eachother! XD

We reached the border by around… 9:00 am I think. We crossed uneventfully, and drove to El Paso which was nearby the border crossing. We couldn’t go to Costco yet, since it opens at ten, so we went to Goodwill, where we bought… Nothing! Then we went to Savers, where we bought… Nothing! XD 😦 ;P After that, we went to Walmart, and a few other places. We ate lunch at Costco. Well, actually we got lunch at Costco, brought it to the car and ate it there! 😉 Then we did a few other things, including picking up our mail, then heading across the border again. We were home by 9:30 that night! We were so tired… XD


Philip and I, while Dad and Bekah were in an auto parts store… And Dad left his phone. So… XD


And, yeah… I think that was most of the big things that happened… At least that I can think of. 😉

In other random news….

I read…

This book:

⬇︎Summer of Suspense by C.R. Hedgcock. this book was really good! I think  would rate it… 4 or 4 1/2 stars… 😉 I would definitely recommend this one!

2019-05-10 (2)

⬇︎This book: Joey by Jennifer Marshall Bleakley. 3 1/2 stars. 🙂


⬇︎This book: For One Moment by Christmas Carol Kauffman. guys. This book… 😫😭 Is so good… And sad… (Which is why I’m frowning in one of the pictures… ) Anyway, this is a great book. (One of the rare few that actually make me cry!) I would rate it 6 stars! 😁


And I’ve read several more books lately, but I won’t list them all. 😉

2019-05-10 (1)

Baby kisses ❤ ❤ ❤


Ohhhhh!!!!! There’s one thing I have to tell you guys!!! First you have to guess…

What, you don’t like to guess?

Ok, fine. 😉 XD

We’re going… SOUTH!!! YES! To Alabama and Georgia… I am so excited!!! It’s mainly for a family reunion, since my Mom has lots of family there. We’re also going to get to see some friends for the first time. (I’m especially excited to finally get to meet my friend, Amie, from Crazy A!!! 😀 ) Anyway, it’s still almost a month until we leave. I think we leave on the 3rd or 4th of June… Something like that. 🙂 We are all waaay excited!!! 😀

Before I leave, here is a really good quote I found recently. It really made me think.


Sorry about such a long, packed post… Hope y’all like long posts, lol! XD 😉

In Him,


p.s. this is so funny! XD


Have you read any of the books I mentioned in this post? What do you think about the quote? Do you like longer, or shorter posts the best? (Or medium sized???) 😉 


Another Quiz for You!


First off, I just wanted to mention that our committee story is officially named Code Name Pizza Box! (Sorry Parker!!!)

There is a new page on my blog called Committee Stories, where you can go to find all the committee stories we do. And hopefully we can do another soon! 😀 😉

Anyway, I made another quiz for you today! 😀 This one is about Hymns. How well do you really know them? 😉 Some of these questions might be easy, and some of them might be… Really hard! 😉


I hope you enjoy! 😀

Rosy Joy

p.s. Here is a quote I found recently that I really like!

Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 9.09.01 PM

Lizzie and Queen Photoshoot


Yesterday my sister Lizzie (11) wanted me to do a photoshoot of her and her dog, Queen, to which I quite happily obliged!

Here are the pictures. And, btw, I took waaay more than this, but obviously they weren’t all good, sooo… lol! 😉 😛 XD

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 10.38.27 AM

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 10.38.19 AM

I really like this one!

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 10.37.45 AM

This one is Lizzie’s favorite. 🙂

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 10.38.12 AM

I think this one is cute!

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 10.38.35 AM

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 10.38.06 AM

I’m not sure whether she looks happy, or grossed out that she’s getting kissed… XD

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 10.37.54 AM

Well, those are all the best ones I made. 🙂 I really love how this photoshoot turned out! Both of us really enjoyed it the time we spent together. ❤

And before I leave… Here’s a…


(Random Piece of Randomness)

Here’s a video I made of myself playing Fur Elise on the piano. (Complete with several mess-ups!)

Well, it’s the first part of the song anyway. I’m trying to learn the second part, but it’s harder than the first! XD 😀


Because He lives,


Which picture was your favorite? Do you play piano? 



Recent and Not-So-Recent Art

Recent and Not-So-Recent Art

A friend requested that I do a post about my drawings, and I was kind of inspired to actually do it when I saw Amie’s post, here. So, consequently, you are going to be forced  to get to see some of my recent, and not-so-recent drawings! 😀

We’ll start with my not-so-recent drawings. These were done several years ago, back when we lived in Arizona.


The pilgrims. I think… 😉


A dolphin!


This boy is either praying… or he really does not like whatever is in his bowl.

And then I improved a bit… (These are mostly after we moved to Mexico three years ago.)


This one was supposed to be my dad preaching. It doesn’t really look much like him, lol…


And it was only recently that I got serious about drawing… Here is some of my most recent art. 🙂


An interesting looking chipmunk


A praying mantis


Some random hand lettering I did. I really want to practice and get better at this!


This was going to be a bald eagle… But it turned out to be a seagull instead, lol!

These last three are all my favorites!!! 😀


A ship. (Since you probably couldn’t tell… 😛 )


I love this one! 😀 ❤ 

Last, but not least, is my so-far, absolute favorite! It’s still a WIP though. 🙂 I’m really loving how this is turning out! Besides, it’s horses!!! 😀



Aaaaand, there you have it!

Have a great rest of the day! (Or if you live in Australia, night!) 😀

Rosy 🙂

Which picture was your favorite? Do you like to draw? Does anyone else dislike the new WordPress editor? I just can’t figure out these block things! 😛 

Blog Tour: Through All Things


Through All Things banner

Hey everybody! Today I am happy to be participating in my friend Malachi’s blog tour! I will be interviewing him about the cool book he just published called, Through all Things.

Before we start though, let’s take a look at what this book’s about.


   Loved ones must be rescued.

   His brothers depend on him for survival.

   The trail behind him is already stained with pain and loss.

   Allen is only seventeen, but tragedy and a strong sense of duty already weigh on his shoulders. As the French and Indians wage brutal warfare on the English settlers, Allen embarks on a treacherous journey to free his captive sister and her friend.

   With little hope of survival and even less for success, Allen knows he needs God to do the impossible. But if God is able to do all things, why does everything seem to be going wrong?

Through All Things quote

Looks pretty good, huh? Well anyway, on to the questions!

I sound like this

Malachi sounds like this


What inspired you to star writing “Through all Things”? 💡

There wasn’t exactly a single inspiration, but if I had to pin it down to one thing, it would be the movie Alone yet Not Alone. I actually started writing it a long time ago in a little composition book. As far as the story went, the only similarities were the basic concept of Indians capturing his family and his name. It wasn’t even the same voice, since it was in third person, while now it’s in first person. I tried again a few years later in another composition book, and that second try shaped some more of the story and set the time period and switched to first person.Watching Alone yet Not Alone kinda got me re-inspired about it, so I decided to pick it up again because I already had the idea and I needed a project for NaNoWriMo.

What was the hardest part of writing “Through all Things”? 🤔

That depends. As far as logistically, it was either the standard problem of Writer’s Block or having the patience to go through the document over and over again during editing. There were difficult to write because of what was going on in the story emotionally. I can’t say anymore about that subject or I’ll be throwing spoilers all over the place 😉

Who is your favorite character? 👥

Ooh, that’s tough. They’re all different, and I like them in different ways. In certain ways Allen is a lot like me, so I can connect with him pretty well. I like Ben’s personality and how wise he tends to be for such a little boy. I like Charlie more and more throughout the story as he grows and matures. I like Jess, I like Betty, I like Jason. Pa was really cool. I got to like Nootau by the end. So if I have to choose one character that is my favorite, it would have to be Behr. He is such a awesome, faithful, big, Newfoundland dog, and the way he–wait, I’m trying not to give away spoilers…

When you first started writing Through all Things, were you originally planning on publishing it? 📘

Yes and no. When I first started in the little composition books, I dreamed of having it as a book (even dreamed of having it as a movie) but I didn’t know it was really possible. When I began it this last time, I had full intention of publishing it, and by the grace of God, it is now in print! 😀

How long have you been writing? ✍🏼

For a loooong time, but never seriously until I joined Noble Novels in 2015. Then in 2016 I was challenged to join a few friends for NaNoWriMo two weeks before it started. I did, and wrote my first book, Agent C (it’s not in print.) From there those same friends got me into the world of self-publishing.

Do you have a favorite quote from Through all Things? If not, maybe just name one or two that you like. 💬

That’s tough. I think I like the last little bit best as far as the story goes.

“We’ll do it, Jess. We’ll make this place a home again,” I said with a sigh.
“Is it even possible?” Jess asked again after a moment.
I nodded and answered with a smile, “Yes, Jess, it is. For with God, all things are possible.”

There were other parts I liked too, but that’s the easiest one to throw out there. Most of the other quotes take too much background to understand or give too much away. My sister’s favorite quote was on page 199, while one friend’s favorite was a few paragraphs on page 177-178 (Why he thought it was so funny I don’t know. Maybe his fellow redheads will understand.) *Laughs* *Wants to read the book even more* XD

 What is the reason that you wrote and published this book? And what is your goal for it to accomplish? 🛣

Well, for one, I want all my writing to honor and glorify God, and that is the primary reason. Along those lines there is the fact that there is a lack of clean, edifying, God honoring fiction, and I want my book to be a story that is not only exciting, but something that is worthwhile to read (for which reason it may be good to add that I wouldn’t recommend it for younger readers, due to a couple of violent fight scenes.)

I also hope to encourage my readers to trust God, even when we can’t see what’s going on, and even when there’s no guarantee of a happy ending (not everything ends happily in this book). It’s a common theme, yes, but there will always be suffering and hard times, and the same question “why is God doing this?” is often asked. Not that I’m a great writer that will profoundly affect anyone, but I do hope it can be an encouragement to someone somewhere.

And there’s one more reason I wrote/published it, though it’s not as impressive as the others. That reason is because it’s just plain and simply a lot of fun to write.

Do you plan to publish any more books in the future? 📚

Lord willing I do hope to. The difficulty is that life is busy, and writing takes time. I’m hoping to schedule my time so that I’ll be able to spend a little time at least to write. Right now I’m working on my next novel, The Minstrel.

Author Bio and Links


Malachi is a Christian, homeschooled teenager who highly enjoys putting the stories from his imagination down on paper. He enjoys reading, writing, airsofting, sword fighting, frisbee, woodworking, Bible studies, working with his Dad, hiking, camping, generally doing stuff with his friends, and too many other things to count.


He writes to:
1. Glorify and honor God in his stories.
2. Make the stories that he’s played up in his head come to life.
3. Have fun.

Blog: Brainstorms with Rain

Goodreads: Malachi Cyr

Generation Rising: Malachi Cyr

Thanks for visiting, and answering those questions for us, Malachi! It was super fun and informative, reading the answers.

Is anyone else as excited as I am to read Through all Things? 

Oh… And guess what. There’s a giveaway, too! Today is the last day it’s open, so you’d better hurry and enter. Check it out!


Please note: If you’re not in the US, you will be able to win a Kindle version of “Through All Things” and a $20 eGift card to Amazon instead! 

Thanks for reading!