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Quick Update Before We Leave


Hi! So, I managed to find a bit of time to write a quick blog post today! I’ll have to try to do this quick though. 😉 We haven’t done almost any packing yet, so we’re doing that today. We’re leaving the day after tomorrow!!!! 😮 (For those of you who don’t know, we’re going to Alabama and Georgia.) We’re way excited!! 😀

Anyway, here’s a few pictures from the last few weeks! 🙂

Lizzie’s birthdays was a few weeks ago. She turned 12. 🙂 


We made pigs in a blanket for her birthday meal. 🙂 


My and my gravity defying braids! XD 

20190527_123418 (1)

This is a really strange looking picture of me, but oh well… 😉 It was a few days ago, when my dad surprised us by bringing pizza for lunch. Yum! Btw, that’s my dad’s hand in the background… lol! 


Lizzie riding on our goat! 😀 


My adorable little brothers!!! ❤ 


Family worship time 😀 


We’ve been making a lot of snacks for the trip. 😀 In this case, it’s dehydrated cauliflower. Yum!!!

Here’s a random funny meme I found. Good grief, I can’t tell if this person is smart, or foolish… Probably the latter.

Disclaimer: Do not try this at home! ;P XD


Well, I have to go and help get ready for the trip! I’ll see you guys in a few weeks. 😀



How do you think I made my braids float up like this? What’s your favorite kid of pizza? Have you ever made snacks in a dehydrated? 😀