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An Explosive Day

An Explosive Day

Hey everyone! Today I have a story to tell… XD 😀

So I had something crazy happen to me…

Before I start this story, you must know that we have a gas oven. So, to light the oven, we have to turn on the gas, and then push a button to light the spark, and voila. Ok, now back to the story.

It all began one Saturday afternoon. I was just walking around, minding my own business. I walked into the kitchen to heat something up. I turned on the gas, but when I lit the spark…..


One of the kids had turned the gas on, and left it. Quite a bit of gas had leaked into the air, so when I lit the spark, it exploded.

It was so loud, my ears were ringing, and it gave me headache. Kids came running from all over the house, and outside to see what happened.

The rest of the family said that they could feel the air shake in other rooms! A door several rooms away was blown open with a bang!

As for me, I was thrown across the kitchen (Which wasn’t very far. only a couple of feet XD), and the pressure hit my leg, where it ached for quite a while. I was quite shaken up.

As for the oven….. Well, the door flew open, and the sides of the oven were blown out. Pieces of the insulation were blown everywhere. Poor thing… XD

I am very thankful that it wasn’t as bad as it could have been, had the gas ben left on longer. It was quite an experience, lol.

Well, at least it’s a fun story to tell… 😂


P.s. I had the hardest time thinking of a title for this post. These are some of the ideas my friend Kyra and I came up with.

Please choose one or two of your favorites, comment them down below, and later I’ll edit the most popular ones into the title! 😀 XD

  1. “The Heat of the Day”

2. “An Explosive Day”

3. “BAM”

4. “💥💥💥”

5. “Something Crazy Happened”

6. “Shaken up”

7. “The Gas that got Away”

8. “Struck back”

9. “Insulation Devastation”

10. “Explosion of the Day”

The Committee Story is Finally Finished!


Ok guys, I grimace when I think of how long that took me. XD Sorry! I had so much going and this week and maybe I was procrastinating a little? Or a lot…. 

Anyways, today I decided I was just going to sit down and do it, and I finished it in one sitting. XD It’s not perfect, since it’d be impossible to make it all make total sense without rewriting whole big parts of the story… But that can be expected with a committee story. And I think it turned out really good! Quite different than I expected, but totally awesome!! 😀 🙂 

One thing I failed to do is come up with a name… If any of you think of something, I’d love to hear it!!

And, without farther ado….. Here it is!!

Written by Rosy, Parker, Amie, Liberty, Rosalyn, Elle, Clay, Kyra and Pearl!

Maybe I shouldn’t have ever tried coming home this way, Nick thought, peering around another alleyway. He prodded on, unaware of the real danger he was in. As his eyes took in the dark, foreboding neighborhood, he wished he was back on his normal route towards home. At the beginning it had just seemed like another adventure to him,  but now it was nearing sunset, and, even though he wouldn’t admit it to himself, he was lost.

Suddenly, an earsplitting scream pierced the air. Nick whipped around, but was not prepared for what he saw.

Instead of a person as he had expected, a large metal robot stood behind him, its huge metal claws lunging for him. Lunging for his throat.

Not knowing exactly what to do, Nick dropped to the ground, and the robot flew over him. He jumped to his feet and started running the other direction. Why would a robot be after him? Who had sent it?

A horrendous metallic sound from not far behind made Nick turn around in a hurry. To his surprise and initial relief, the robot lay on the ground in three pieces, smoke rising from the wreckage. The cruel claw lay a few feet away by itself, where it had been hurled in the unexpected crash. But all Nick could notice was the small, green slip of paper now exposed by the cracked open machine.

Slowly, Nick walked over, grasped the paper and pulled it close so he could see the small, messy handwriting written on it.

“Come and save me! Please! I’m in trouble.”

There was no name at the end. He was confused. Who needed rescued? Why would the note be in a … robot? And he still didn’t know where that robot came from.

Before he could do anything else, a scrawny guy came around the corner. He wore a huge grin on his face and before Nick could react, the stranger had bear-hugged him.

It took a while for Nick to process who this scrawny man in question was, but when the reality hit him, it hit him hard. This wiry, short man was his brother, who was six years older than Nick, at age 26. It had been a long time since Nick, and Dave, his brother, had seen each other, mostly because of their rocky childhood and the different paths the two had taken.

David, a small boy with a genius brain, had always been ostracized and eventually abused in their family of four. It wasn’t long before he had moved on to university when Nick, a tall, popular football player, was twelve. These eight years of separation had really taken their toll, and the brothers’ reunion was slightly awkward, but mostly wonderful.

But it didn’t take too long for this reunion to grind to a halt, when another ear-splitting scream rang out in the alley.

“Help, save me!” the young girl yelled before a robot that was holding her put its ugly claw up to her mouth.

Dave could sense that the past would have to be temporarily forgotten in light of this larger problem. The brothers shared a wordless glance–they knew they had to save this girl.

The two young men sprinted toward this metallic beast, and Nick utilized the best of his football techniques to tackle the robot and grab the girl. David rushed in and disarmed the robot, while Nick held it down, and the girl hid.

Now it was up to the three of them to find the robot’s operator, the girl’s home, and the police.

“Where do you live?” Nick asked, taking charge without a moment’s hesitation.

The girl’s green eyes bulged in fear and she made a coughing noise as she pointed to her mouth and shook her head vigorously.

“What is it?” Dave asked, tapping his boot on the ground. He’d never had patience for small children, as Nick well remembered. “Robot got your tongue?”

The girl nodded emphatically, pointed and shook her head even more vigorously, topping the act off with a strangled, choking noise as if prevented from speaking.

Why couldn’t she speak? Nick didn’t like the sick feeling he was getting in his stomach.

Can you speak?” He watched her closely, studying the way she kept choking, as if she was trying to talk.

“Wait,” Dave touched Nick’s arm. “I think she’s dumb.”

“Seriously, that’s not very nice to- oh!” Nick looked at the girl, sympathy rising quickly as tears started sliding down her cheeks. “Hey. Hey, don’t go crying like that. Everything’s going to be alright,” He bent down next to her and patted her shoulder. “Let’s get you out of here, okay?”

But something told him things weren’t going to be okay. At least, not until things got sorted out.


As they started on the way to the police station to get help, Dave and his brother talked over why they thought that the girl couldn’t talk. At each try, she shook her head “no”. As they tried to think of something, anything, she began to frantically gesture, trying to communicate something to them.

In desperation, the girl tore Nick’s phone out of it’s holster and pointed urgently at him to unlock it.

She pressed the Notes app and hastily began typing.

They made an interesting sight standing on the cracked sidewalk, not far from the forbidding alley in which so much had just happened.

The two bewildered men, slightly on edge, anxiously hovered over the small girl with blond pig tails that were streaked with dirt and bits of debris. She was frantically moved her thumbs over Nick’s iPhone as if her life depended on it. The girl couldn’t type fast enough for the worried brothers.

Nick had a knot growing in his stomach as he watched the message take shape, but when he read the entire thing and finally began to understand, a cold shudder passed over him as he grimaced at his brother.

“The robots were just a ploy,” she typed. “They were intended to divert attention from the real problem, the big crime.”

As the girl had discovered, completely on accident, there was a mastermind at this very moment plotting, perhaps even implementing, a mass destruction of all written knowledge in the city. His specific target was Bibles and anything containing reference to Jesus.

“Well, we certainly aren’t going to let him do that!” Dave folded his arms tightly over his chest and glared at the ground.

“But how can we-” he motioned at the three of them “-do anything? We could get the police, but more than likely they’d want to do their thing on their own. They wouldn’t want us tagging along to ‘help’.”

Silence reigned.

A moment later, they heard gun shot and shouts. Curiosity getting the best of him, Dave rushed forward, going to investigate.

“No!” Nick tackled him to the ground. He pushed his brother’s shoulder firmly to the ground while Dave wiggled under his weight. “You can’t just go check things out, you could be killed!

The girl pulled the phone back out, gestured at it, and after having it unlocked again, wrote that # 1 Nick was right. The man didn’t care about who he hurt in the distraction, and # 2, she had already been to the police. They didn’t care one bit about the book scheme, they just wanted to get rid of the robots.The distraction was working.

She stopped, seemed to think for a moment, then typed that she had only after the attack not been able to speak. She pointed to her mouth and indicated that she thought that some type of restrictive device had been put there. She thought again and then said that the robot had been waiting outside the police station, and had followed her, and that it seem that the police had been ignoring it. Could they be in on the crime, or were the robots invisible to them?

David reached into his pocket to get the keychain flashlight that he always kept there, in hopes of finding what was preventing her from speaking. As he did, he felt a piece of paper. In a flash, he remembered. Someone was in trouble. He pulled it out and handed it to Nick.
Nick turned to him and said, “Things are just too dangerous. We just can’t do anything about any of this.”

“Are you saying that we will leave the police to save the city, even though it seems like the problems are invisible to them?” David replied.

“That’s right, a few books, even a few people aren’t worth getting killed over. The Bible says that every life was worth it to Jesus to die for. Life is precious. But how about a compromise, let’s go back to the house and we’ll bring out some technology of our own!”

When they arrived back at the house, Nick instantly felt something was amiss. Not wanting to frighten the young girl anymore than she already was, he left David to escort her to the kitchen and he poked his head in the living room.

He didn’t know what he was expecting, but it wasn’t this.

Trying unsuccessfully to keep from sounding frantic or worried, he called for David. Because David was already nervous, he spun around, arms flailing. One made solid contact with the girl’s back. A small electric device came flying out of her mouth and clattered to the floor. Catching her before she fell to the hard tile, he sat down on the kitchen chair that was nearest him and pulled the girl onto his lap, asking if he had knocked the breath out of her. She weakly answered “yes” out loud!

Nick quickly went to the sink to get her a drink, while David tried to talk to her. After Nick gave the water to the girl, he picked up the device to investigate it. But as he was investigating it, a rock with a note attached came flying through the window! David quickly set the girl down on a chair, and ran to pick up the rock. Then, all of the sudden, he gasped!

“Nick, come here, you have to see this!” He exclaimed breathlessly. Nick came running, sat down next to the girl and impatiently exclaimed, “Well, what does it say?”

David read the note out loud, it said…

“94723” followed by a long string of squiggles.

“Code…” Nick breathed, reaching for it. He smoothed the grimy strip of paper, a can label, obviously hastily torn for the message.

“Can you make any sense of it?”

For several long seconds, there was no reply, then Nick looked up. The worry etched in his eyes slowly lit with hope.

“94723!” He exclaimed with delight. “Those are the first 5 numbers of the address for the library! That must be where they plan to attack next!”

“If that’s true” said David, “ Then we need to get there fast! But how? The library is like, four miles away!

“We can’t go there, it wouldn’t be safe. We have seen that this man is ruthless. For all we know, this message is a trap. We can’t get into a dangerous position, or nobody will save the books. Now, do you know what this is?” David asked.

“Why of course, it’s a remote control quadcopter. How is that going to help?” Nick replied.

“Well, this isn’t just your run-of-the-mill drone. I have installed a fully rotational arm and live video feed. I will fly it in there through an upper window and lock the door from inside. That will give us time to get some of the slower equipment there. This is going to be a tough flight, and I haven’t even tested the arm yet.”

“Let’s do it!” Nick said.

Meanwhile, in another part of the city, a evil looking young man was sitting in a private office at the top story of a skyscraper. Three of the four walls were completely covered with computer monitors, and with graphs and charts giving him the information on how his programs were running. He sat back in his chair and spun around and around, taking in the view before he rolled the chair over to a desk and started typing.

“Let’s see here, everything is going fine, except for those two pesky flies, so to speak, that keep destroying my robots. I only have 5 left! And the library is locked. What will I do? Wait, do I catch a small hint of a remote control signal? Computer, enable spectrum analysis!”


A new graph filed on of the few previously vacant screens.

“Looks like my “flies” are flying some equipment. Well computer, override signal.


“Ah, just what we wanted!” David said.

“You wanted to crash your drone ?” Nick replied.

“No, but our book-destroyer has given us his address. Computer! Active geometrical radio signal trace.”

The mission had started: mission save the books: code name Pizza Box. Well, that might have been a temporary code name. The plan? Stop the bad guys. But other than that, they had no idea.

David took out a small device from the drawer, about the same size as a drinking glass. “We need to get this into his building, as close to his floor as possible.” He said.

“What is it?” Nick asked.

“It is sort of an electronic bomb. It won’t explode, rather it will destroy all electronic equipment within about a thousand foot radius. It removes all programming from them, rendering them useless.”

“Wow, that must be complicated to make.”

“Actually, it is the simplest thing in this room. Now, what we need to do is get it in there. I can’t use any remote controlled things because he would pick up on the signal I will go in myself. Once I have it detonated, you get the then-to-be undistracted policemen in to arrest him.”

“David, why are you willing to put your life in danger? You have been warning me about how dangerous this is for a long time, and yet you are intentionally putting yourself in harms way? Why?”

“Jesus died for me, so I am not afraid of death. I know that he died for all people, why should I not die to save so many lives? Besides, I believe that God will protect me.”

“Well then,” replied Nick. “Let’s go!”


Half an hour later they were at the bottom of the skyscraper. They rushed inside, and found themselves in a very large room, where they soon located the elevator.

David looked at Nick, “Here’s the plan. I’ll go upstairs to place the device, and you stay down here in case anything happens.”

“Sounds good,” Nick replied.

“Oh, and if I’m not back in 5 minutes, get the police!” David added.

Nick gave David a nervous thumbs up, and David strode into the elevator, pushed #12 and was soon just one floor under the young man’s office.

“So, all I have to do is set the device anywhere on this floor, and it should disable his equipment,” David said quietly to himself.

“Aha!” He thought, “That’s perfect!” He put it behind a fake tree, and was heading back towards the elevator, when all of a sudden he heard someone shout, “No!”. The man had found out what he had done sooner then planned, and now he needed to get out… fast!

He ran towards the elevator, got in, pushed #1, and waited. But nothing happened! It was stuck!

He pushed the button again. Nothing. The man came closer and closer, and he mad mad. Really mad. David tried desperately to make the elevator work, but to no avail. The evil man ran into the elevator, pulled out a gun, and-


“Beep, Beep, Beep”

12 year old Nick moved and turned over in bed, and for a second, wondered where he was. It finally dawned on him. Had all this been a dream? It had seemed so real!

As he got up and got ready for the day, he knew one thing. He was going home from school through his normal route today!


Okay, so I hope you guys aren’t too mad at me for the ending….

But, THANK YOU to everyone who participated! I had sooo much fun doing this!!!

In Christ,


Can you think of a name for the story? Do you think I should host another committee story sometime? Are you mad at me for writing that ending??? XD

How Dad Caught a Lion and Ate His Toes

How Dad Caught a Lion and Ate His Toes

If that title didn’t catch your interest, then I don’t know what will! Honestly, that does sound pretty weird! And it is.

You see, that is the name of a story. A story about a… story!

You’re probably thoroughly confused. 🤨🤔

Last year, my dad told us a story. one we will probably never forget, nor let him forget! 😛 I wrote it in a total of two hours (editing and all, which is why there will most likely be several mistakes… It still needs some work.)

Anyway, I now present to you….. *Drumroll please!*


Us kids with Dad, on his birthday. 😀 ❤

   How Dad Caught a Lion and Ate his Toes

One very fine day, a little while before they lived happily ever after, the Marr family was sitting at the table, eating their beans. While the family was enjoying their food and discussing very important topics, such as who might go with with Dad to the store the next day, their favorite, and only cat was playfully playing under the table and trying to eat peoples feet. Pretty soon the kitten wanted something more adventurous to do.

  So it searched for a convenient leg to climb onto. All the girls had skirts and most of the boys either had shorts or sat in a very high high-chair. Finally, it wandered to the far end of the table, where it found a very convenient leg – Daddy’s leg. So it started the long climb upward, stopping every few seconds to catch its breath. Then the little black kitten reached the top, purring proudly. 


   Just then, she heard grunt and felt a squirm. The cat thought that she would be taken away, and all her hard work would be for nothing. She’d have to do it all over again! But, then she heard a few loud protests from several of the mans sons and daughters. After that, she felt safer. So she yawned, laid herself down, and began her nap.


    “Aw, Dad!” cried Gracie, who was the second child of the large family. “She likes you!”


   “Oh dear,” said Dad, rather distressed. The rest of the family laughed.


  The conversation soon drifted to cats, and their few advantages and many disadvantages. After a few minutes of this, Andy, in account of him being a young boy, asked, “Dad, do you know what cat meat tastes like?” Several of the girls shrieked, and “eewwed!” and tried to kick Andy under the table, but unfortunately, he was too far away. He grinned at them.


    “Why, of course I do!”, Dad exclaimed, much to everyones surprise.


   “What?” The children asked, unbelievingly.


   “Well, it tastes sort of like a combination of squirrel meat, hippopotamus’ meat, and lion toes.”

   Everybody laughed, relieved that he was just joking.


   “Well,” Gracie laughed, “Have you ever tastes Squirrel meat?”


   “Well, no, but…”


   “Or Hippopotamus?”


   “No, but you see…”


   “And have you ever had Lion’s toes?”


   “You know, come to think of it, I did once!”


   “What??!!”, came a slightly shocked voice. But not too shocked, because Dad was probably just joking. Probably.

   “When? If you had of eaten lion toes, we would have know about it by now!”


   “Well, there was that time very long ago – you wouldn’t remember it- in the dessert of… I don’t remember where, and I attacked a lion ate his toes.”


   “But Dad, you haven’t told us about it yet!” said Bekah, though she didn’t believe that it really could have happened. She was just hoping for a story.


   “Well then, I suppose now’s as good a time as any to tell you all about it.”


   The kids cheered, and Rosy, who was the oldest of the Marr kids, quickly prepared her brain to remember as much of it as she could, so that she could write a story about it later, the one that you are reading right now.


     So he told his children the story. Here’s how it went.


    One morning, quite a few years ago, I was walking along in the desert, and looking for lion toes to eat. And I was carrying my handy-dandy fork along with me, in case I came across one.


   And then, I spotted one! The biggest lion I’d ever seen and I’ve seen a lot! He was charging toward me, roaring as loud as he could. (Dad then let out his loudest roar.) So I just stood there and waited for the lion to get a little closer.


   “I am going to eat your toes!” I yelled to the lion, who was now very close indeed.


   “No, you are not,” laughed the Lion, “I’m going to eat you!!!’


   And the beast lunged forward, laughing an evil laugh, with his mouth wide open. So I got ready for the attack. Getting in position, I snatched my fork out of my pocket.

   The Lion was upon me now, and he was just about to gobble my head up in one big giant gulp, when I stuffed my hand into the Lion’s mouth, and reached down as far as I possibly could. I reached way down in there, and grabbed the end of the lion’s tail.

   The lion was so surprised; he couldn’t do anything to me. So I got a good grip on the tail, jerked as hard as I could, and spun the lion around until he turned inside out.

   After that, the Lion was rather helpless and couldn’t do much to me anymore. And do you know what the Lion said to me?”


   “What?” The children asked in unison.


   “Well, I don’t know either, because he was talking backward…

So, I reached again for my fork, which was lying on the ground since I hadn’t needed it in the attack. I dug right in, and I ate his toes. All the while, the lion was staring at his insides.

   When I was finished with one toe, I cleaned up and went home.

The end.”


   The listeners all laughed gleefully over the story, all talking at once about their favorite parts. Philip let out a loud whoop, and James imitated his older brother, causing every body’s ears to ring. Susy banged her spoon against the table, making a loud racket. Rosy was going over the story again and again, making sure that she had everything remembered correctly.

   “Wait!” Lizzie, daughter number three, yelled above the noise. “What happened to the lion?”

   “That’s right!” Her sibling wondered, “What happened to him?”

   “Oh,” shrugged Dad, “Well, he ended up in some museum of unnatural history.”

   Nobody got it, except for Rosy and Gracie, who were laughing so hard that their siblings wondered what was wrong.

   Then the rest of the kids bombarded Dad with a bunch of questions, trying to stump him and force him to admit that the story was false.

   “Where did it happen, Dad?”

   “Dad, when was it?”

   “Was it fun, Dad?”

    “Did you keep one of the Lions teeth for a souvenir?” That was Andy.

   “No, of course not,” Dad answered.

   “Well, everybody knows that when you catch a lion, you’re supposed to take one of his teeth to show that it really did happen!”

   “Well,” Dad said, “I’m not a dentist, and the lion didn’t have a cavity.”


   Everyone laughed at that.


   “Dad, how old were you when that happened?” Ruthie asked.


   Dad let out a little sigh. “I was 76.”


   “HA!” yelled Lizzie. (Nobody noticed when her younger brother James copied her yell.), “That proves it! This story can’t be true, because you were never 76 before!”

   Dad heaved another little sigh, “You guessed it. It wasn’t a true story,” He said, pretending to be sorry, but not being. “You guys are all so smart!”


   By now supper was almost over. When everyone had finished, Dad lifted the snoring kitty off his lap, and said, “Time for meal chores!”

  Everybody groaned, some outwardly, and some inwardly, and resigned themselves to their work.

   And the kitten never knew the story he had caused.


The End.

P.S. Oh, and they lived happily ever after.

P.S.S. “Well!” Exclaimed Mom, “I once ate frog legs!”

And there you have it! Now you know what meal time at our house is like, lol! 😂

Also, Happy Valentines Day!



“Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love; Therefore with lovingkindness I have drawn you. 

Jeremiah 31:3 ❤ 


Committee Story!


Hey guys! (And gals! 😛 ) I’m finally here with a committee story. I don’t know about you, but I really excited about this!

The last committee story I did, a few years ago, kinda went kerplunk. But, that was because I didn’t have many followers back then, and I was only like 13, etc… So! Let’s try again! I’m sure we can make this turn out awesome! (At least, if I can help it! 😛 😉 )

So, let’s just run over the rules real quick. 🙂

Here’s how it works. I post a story starter and y’all pick up where I left off by commenting with the next part of the story. Please write only a paragraph or two at a time and wait to add on again until at least one other person else has. Try to keep the story moving along nicely, leave plenty of mystery and suspense for the next person to write about, and I will finish the story once it has come to some sort of ending. (Please make sure your writing is God honoring and appropriate for young ages. Please avoid all magic, gross violence, children being rebellious, and anything else that contradicts God’s Word.) You can read each new addition here in the comments, and then I will post the entire story, once it is complete, for everyone to read! Be creative and enjoy!!!

Maybe I shouldn’t have ever tried coming home this way, Nick thought, peering around another alleyway. He prodded on, unaware of the real danger he was in. As his eyes took in the dark, forbidden neighborhood, he wished he was back on his normal route towards home. At the beginning it had just seemed like another adventure to him,  but now it was nearing sunset, and, even though he wouldn’t admit it to himself, he was lost.

Suddenly, an earsplitting scream pierced the air. Nick whipped around, but was not prepared for what he saw.

Your turn!!! 😄

(I am dying to see what y’all come up with…. 😁)

Rosy Joy 🌹🥀