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Committee Story!


Hey guys! (And gals! 😛 ) I’m finally here with a committee story. I don’t know about you, but I really excited about this!

The last committee story I did, a few years ago, kinda went kerplunk. But, that was because I didn’t have many followers back then, and I was only like 13, etc… So! Let’s try again! I’m sure we can make this turn out awesome! (At least, if I can help it! 😛 😉 )

So, let’s just run over the rules real quick. 🙂

Here’s how it works. I post a story starter and y’all pick up where I left off by commenting with the next part of the story. Please write only a paragraph or two at a time and wait to add on again until at least one other person else has. Try to keep the story moving along nicely, leave plenty of mystery and suspense for the next person to write about, and I will finish the story once it has come to some sort of ending. (Please make sure your writing is God honoring and appropriate for young ages. Please avoid all magic, gross violence, children being rebellious, and anything else that contradicts God’s Word.) You can read each new addition here in the comments, and then I will post the entire story, once it is complete, for everyone to read! Be creative and enjoy!!!

Maybe I shouldn’t have ever tried coming home this way, Nick thought, peering around another alleyway. He prodded on, unaware of the real danger he was in. As his eyes took in the dark, forbidden neighborhood, he wished he was back on his normal route towards home. At the beginning it had just seemed like another adventure to him,  but now it was nearing sunset, and, even though he wouldn’t admit it to himself, he was lost.

Suddenly, an earsplitting scream pierced the air. Nick whipped around, but was not prepared for what he saw.

Your turn!!! 😄

(I am dying to see what y’all come up with…. 😁)

Rosy Joy 🌹🥀