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Tour of Our Yard!

Tour of Our Yard!

A few days ago, I thought it’d be lots of fun to give y’all a video tour of our yard! 😀 And, here it is! 😀 I hope you enjoy!

And, I was also thinking it would be really fun to make a “Day in my Life” video someday! 😀

And before I leave, and so that this won’t be the shortest post in the history of Rosy’s Writings… 😉

Random Piece of Randomness

So, a few days ago, my friends and I were discussing (through chatting) where nowhere is. (A very deep and serious conversation indeed.) But, we couldn’t figure it out. So, I did what any desperate curious person would do. I googled it. “Where is nowhere?” Aaaaand… I found it! It’s crazy, but there really is a city in Oklahoma, called Nowhere!!!!!!! 😀 😮 XD

Seriously, I’d love to go to nowhere….. So I could tell my friends that I packed up, and drove to Nowhere… XD!!!!! That’s so awesome!!! 😀 😉

Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 1.32.14 PM