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It’s Spring//Spring Photoshoot (YAY!!!)


Hey everyone!

IT’S SPRING! Yaaaayyy!!!! I’m kinda really excited….. 😀 It’s starting to warm up a bit, and I can’t wait until it’s started getting green!

This morning, I decided to do a First-Day-Of-Spring Photoshoot! I hope you guys enjoy!

(Note: For some reason, it looks like WordPress is taking down the quality of the photos… Sorry about that!)

When you step out our back door, here what you see. 🙂

Our peach tree budded, and the flowers are so pretty! I always love photographing them every year. 🌸

I hope you guys enjoyed this photoshoot! I really enjoyed taking the photos. 😄 Which photos were your favorites?

Well, bye for now, and YAY FOR SPRING!!! 🌅 🌸 🦋 💐 🌹 🌳 🌷 ❤️

~Rosy 💖 🌻

What is one thing you are looking forward to about Spring?