First Snow



We had our first snow a few days ago. It was actually the most snow we’ve had during our time in Mexico. It’s also been a lot colder. A couple afternoons ago, it was down to 22 degrees! And it gets even colder at night.

2017-12-07 11.37.13

Catching snowflakes

2017-12-07 18.00.51

Our baby snowman. This was before their was very much snow.

2017-12-08 12.08.01

Andy throwing a snowball – at me!

2017-12-08 12.07.21

Isn’t Julius beautiful with the snow in the background?

The Icicles hanging from our roof.

2017-12-07 12.09.38

My friend, Karen, and I.


2017-12-08 11.48.53

2017-12-08 07.44.40

Beautiful? Thank you Lord!


If any of you have noticed, I haven’t posted anything in quite a while! Well, I hope to start back up again. But don’t expect anything too often!

Until next time,

Rosy J. Marr

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  1. YAY for a blog post!!!! Yay for SNOW!!! I am maybe a little bit jealous. 😉 That looks like so much fun!! ❤
    Love the new blog look btw, and can't wait for more posts!
    Miss you!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yes, I am really excited to get started again on my blog! We all wish that ya’ll had snow in AZ as well.
      Thank you, I like it to, but it’s just for the holiday season. Then I will probably change it back. We’ll see.
      Love you and miss you too!

      Liked by 1 person

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